A Big Ol’ Pile of WIPs!

This week was a whirlwind here. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past, once a year Mr Knitting Sarah has a conference that takes place at a nearby-ish resort and his company very generously allows families to tag along should they be able. So while Mr KS is in meetings, the kids get to run endlessly through the resort’s waterpark. This year, just because the kids are older and to keep things interesting, I even sprung for the indoor theme park pass for them. So for three days, we alternated between waterpark and indoor theme park. As an introvert, it totally overwhelms me, but the kiddos love it and, of course, I can bring my knitting along so I manage just fine.


This time around I got almost to the toe on this sock for the mister. I’m just working the basic socks I also do for him (I am forbidden from trying anything new with his socks), so they are nice and easy and sport weight, so they roll off the needles quickly. He’s been wearing mostly handknit socks lately, so I’m definitely motivated to get a few more socks in his sock drawer. I would have gotten farther on these, but unfortunately on day three of adventure park mayhem I got a nasty migraine and just couldn’t bring myself to pick up my needles.

Despite departing the sensory overload that is the adventure park, my migraine did not totally go away for another day or so, so I kept things super chill.


Just a whole bunch of faster singles, all but one of which will be spun into a 2-ply.

This one I actually finished before we left…



It’s the Three Waters Farm Top of the Month Club for February. Seeing as though March will be in the mail shortly, I’d better get plying soon!

The other three were all from new-to-me dyers…


This one is from On The Round.

And this one…


And this one…


Are both from Wound Up Fiber Arts. I’ll have a full report on them once they’re plied and finished.

And, of course, my wheel is not empty now…


Nope, I have Quilter’s Magic on Rambouillet from Three Waters Farm on the wheel. This one I intend to be just plain ol’ low twist stand-alone singles.

And that has been my week really! A busy week resulting in a big ol’ pile of WIPs. I think it’s almost time to start finishing them off!

8 thoughts on “A Big Ol’ Pile of WIPs!”

  1. Those colors! I can’t wait to see them plyed. I just may have to switch to sport weight for my son’s socks. Sock weight ones take a bit of time as big as they are!

      1. Isn’t it the truth! So happy to see your spinning ……. still not doing it myself but a girl can only do so many things!

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