A Period of Purple

When it comes to my knitting & spinning, I try to work in a lot of different colors. Most of my wardrobe consists of neutrals which conveniently work with any colors I might fancy spinning and knitting. This lets my handmade wardrobe sing and it also keeps me inspired as I work with all the colors of the rainbow. Every now and then, though, I take on a larger scale project which settles me in one palette for a while. The end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 took me into just one of those periods. A purple period, if you will.

The December 2016 Top of the Month Club from three Waters Farm was called Winter Fancy.

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

When I first got it, I was on the fence with my love for it so when a spinning friend posted an ISO up for it I happily sent it to her. Once I saw it spun up though, I bought a braid for myself. I spun it and then knew I would have to give it to my mom because she’d like it. I really liked it though, so when I found a braid in destash later, I snapped it up for my stash.

Then last November, when Layers of Darkness and Mercurial Light were introduced at the new Top of the Month Club and coordinate…

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm


I had a project idea…


I would ply Winter Fancy with Layers of Darkness for a weft and then ply 8oz of Mercurial Light for a warp in a grand, moody purple weaving project.

I spun all 16oz to be fingering weight so it was a lengthy project, but I love the moodiness of the colors and I adore BFL + Silk, so it was a good project (aside from trying to take photos — the shine of the silk in this yarn in the light available today was a challenge!) . I started this back in November or December and I finally got the yarns set over the last few weeks.

And now, I happily introduce to you…


Mercurial Light…


It’s hard to pick up the colors, but it’s a deep purple with hints of all sorts of yummy deep neutrals.

And Winter Fancy + Layers of Darkness…




It’s such a fantastic combination. Where Winter Fancy was a little whimsical and icy, Layers of Darkness gives it some depth and gravitas.


It was hard for me to pick up the colors in the light I had here. Suffice to say, I am excited to see this combination take shape on the loom…


And if that wasn’t enough purple for me (and you!), I spun and plied the January Top of the month club…


Which in taking these photos, I realize if very similar to my Winter Fancy + Layers of Darkness combination.


This yarn I just spun for fun and I chain plied it. I really don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but a simple hat is probably most likely. It’s a worsted weight, so it’ll do nicely I’m sure.

I do believe I’m spent on purples for the time being — 20oz on one color palette with little to no interruption is a lot for me. What colors come next, I can’t wait to see! I also can’t wait to see the FOs that will ensue from this Period of Purple — I’m sure they’ll have been worth the dedication!

20 thoughts on “A Period of Purple”

  1. So you are in a “Purple Haze”? πŸ˜‰ They are beautiful and I can’t wait to see your weaving!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you weave from it! And you can knit a matching hat, lol. What color is next one tour wheel?

      1. I love heavier two ply, it flies off the wheel! My next spin will be slower, 8 ounce combo that I want to be fingering weight. But thicker yarn has been fun while it lasted.

  3. WOW i am really loving all of these. The purples are fantastic and the way the colors transition are great. I cannot wait to see what you weave with it.

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