The Finishing Mission Continues

It’s official. I’m definitely on a WIP finishing mission. First, it was my Find Your Fade. Then, I finished a bunch of handspun yarn (that I’ll be sharing here soon). And by a bunch, I mean A LOT. Most recently, I’ve finished some socks that I started last July! Indeed, I am definitely on a roll!

I fell in love with Dyeabolical‘s Clever Girl gradient yarn the moment I saw it. That was a little over a year ago if I’m remembering correctly — it could be 2 years… I’m not entirely sure. In any case, I knew the yarn had to be socks and I knew they had to be toe-up so I could get the full benefit of the gradient yarn. Unfortunately, I was not a huge fan of toe-up socks. So — as is too often the case — I let the yarn sit while I worked myself up to it.

Finally, last July I began…


I found this photo in my media file and I find it really perplexing. I don’t remember starting these with DPNS, but apparently that was the case! I go back and forth with magic loop. I love my DPNs and am very comfortable with them, but there are certain instances where I like magic loop and toe-up socks is one of them. I can’t explain why — it’s just one of those personal preference things.

I do know that I switched to magic loop by the time the pink started to come into play…


Somewhere around the time I got the new spinning wheel last summer I finished the first sock of this pair and then they went into hibernation. I don’t often get second sock syndrome, but I definitely did with these. The sat, untouched until last week.

It was time, you know? Time to finish them up and get them into the FO column. There was no good reason not to other than the oodles of stockinette and the seemingly endless cuff — that’s what gets to me with toe-up if I let it. Mentally I just feel like the cuff will go on forever. It’s not rational or logical, but it’s 100% true. Lately though, I think since I started using the Fish Lips Kiss heel, I’ve warmed to the whole toe-up idea. I don’t understand why it’s made a difference, but it has and thus I cast-on last week…


For anyone curious, I used Judy’s Magic Cast-On to cast on 16 stitches and increased with a simple make 1 left/make 1 right pattern until I had 64 stitches. These days I lean more toward lifted increases for toe-up increases, but sock #1 had make 1s — I think to save my eyes a bit the strain of trying to do lifted increases on black fingering weight yarn, so I just made them match.

And then I pretty much breezed through sock #2…


And today, I have finished socks!


Please pardon the lack of blocking — our winter has taken another turn to the subzero so these will be going directly into my sock rotation. It may be unprofessional to share these unblocked, but I think it’s important to share my knitting realistically, as in what my knitting is like in real life. It is used and worn and gets worn when it should be blocked. That is just reality! Rest assured that through wearing and the first wash, the lines betraying where my magic loop break was will be invisible. I just don’t mind wearing them like this the first time.


I do love the subtle fade of the colors and — of course — I’ve come to know and love that FLK heel. As this is fingering weight yarn, I did my standard 64 stitches for the foot and leg of the sock, but since I knit these quite a bit taller than my normal handknit socks in order to use the full extent of the gradient, I added a couple increases about an inch before the cuff just to give myself a bit extra room in the calf.


Don’t you love that pink fading into gold?! I cast-off with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off (my stretchy toe-up bind-off of choice) and voilá! Finished socks!

Have no fear, the finishing mission is not yet complete as I’ve got 2 more knitting projects still in the WIP column and I’m not leaving any WIPs behind in this grand sweep of my Ravelry queue! I’ve been happily knitting away on one of them and I will share it soon. For now though, my toes are going to be nice and warm and my WIP list is one piece shorter. And that makes me feel pretty darn great.

12 thoughts on “The Finishing Mission Continues”

  1. Good for you! I just finished a big sweater two years in the making and pulled a shawl out of hibernation. getting my WIP pile down to 2 items would be amazing!

  2. I adore this gradient and you shouldn’t worry an ounce about blocking those socks (although, I’m equally nerdy about it) – they look great without it. I’m glad you mentioned the increase in the leg as they got taller – I was wondering it you had done that and it’s so smart. I also agree with you about the lifted increase – I’m using it right now on my sweater I’m knitting. Any reason not to use it on a sock?

    1. I can’t think of any reason not to use a lifted increase in a sock. I’ve done it before and it was fine. I believe the reason I didn’t in these is trying to see the stitch below in winter when I’m almost exclusively using artificial light with black socks was just a non-starter. Too hard to see!

      Yes! I just added 4 stitches evenly around a round, knit even 1 round, and added 4 stitches evenly again. I didn’t need a ton of room, so this was a quick and easy way to make sure I had the room I needed.

      1. All good info – thanks. Since Scott likes tall socks, I have to do that, and your approach seems simple.

        Re: the lifted increase vs. M1, the M1 seems a little tighter to me than the lifted and I want to be sure my increases are good and tight on toes. I’ll play with it in an actual sock. Thanks!

  3. they look wonderful, what a nice gradient. I like that you made them extra long to get all the color. So smart!

    I never block socks that are for me, unprofessional or not, I figure when they get washed is soon enough. However, that means sometimes the inside of my shoes are a different color, lol.

    1. Well, that’s just part of the fun, right?!

      And yes! I loved the entire color progression, that’s why they *had* to be toe-up and they *had* to be extra tall! No ifs, ands, or buts!

  4. On the next pair of toe up socks you do, try 2 at a time socks on magic loop. You’ll never have second sock syndrome again!

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