Sidetracked, Random, and A Little All Over The Place

I logged onto my blog here this morning ready to write up a short and sweet post sharing what I’ve been working on this week. Oh, the road was paved with such good, productive intentions! As I often do, while collecting my thoughts to write the post, I got into replying to a few emails and then — long story short — I found myself diving head-first into giving my blog here a much needed makeover! Those good intentions with which I started, were plowed over. Spectacularly.

In my defense, I’ve felt for a while that I needed to address some of my menus and other bits & bobs that have become dated in relation to the content I’ve been writing since I’ve started to divide time more seriously between knitting and spinning. I felt like there were just too many menus happening all over and that there wasn’t an easy way to navigate knitting vs spinning, for those who might have those preferences. I won’t be going back and re-tagging and reorganizing all the old material — at least not today — but going forward I’ll be attempting to tag things into much neater categories so it’ll be easier for you to find the posts you’re interested in. The content won’t change, it’ll just all (hopefully) be more clearly organized in that one main menu with drop-down options across the top.

I know it’s always a pain when things change, but I did try to stick with a similar aesthetic and I do hope in the long run it’ll prove an improvement. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me with them! I’d love to hear your feedback.

But enough about website design — it’s definitely a means to an end for me! Let’s get back to the short & sweet update, shall we?

Last night I did the unthinkable. I finished all my current plying projects. I know, I know!Β Pick your jaws up off the floor — I can’t believe it either. I feel like it’s taken a very long time. If I hadn’t fallen down the blog makeover rabbit hole this morning, I’d have these skeined by now, but alas, you will get to peek at them on the bobbins.


At the top, is my January Top of the Month Club from Three Waters Farm. The green bobbin on the right is my first even woolen yarn. And the other 5 bobbins are for a weaving project — the three tonal purple bobbins will be the warp and the other two, the weft. I’m hoping to have these all skeined, washed, and dried by next week to share with you as proper skeins of yarn — keep those fingers crossed, my friends!

In my knitting life, I’ve made surprisingly good time with the Snowfling Mittens I’ve working on.img_9712

This is mitten #2 — I started the lining last night and I’m already into the thumb increases. Dare I say that I might have these done, washed, and dried by the end of next week? You bet I’m daring to say it! Of course these mittens were a side-track in and of themselves as I set aside my Fairbanks Pullover to work on them. Perhaps I’ll get to pick that up again next week. I don’t know if I’m mentally prepared to knit sleeves at the moment, but you know what they say — sometimes you have to face things when you’re not prepared to face them.

And since the more I write here, the more off-track and random I feel like I’m getting, how about one more totally erratic aside for you to round things out. Ready? Here we go!

Can you see something awfully special in this photo?


Did you find him? Let me help?


It’s a least weasel! While out on the trail earlier this week, this fearless little weasel charged me. I’m not kidding! He was 8″ of pure moxie especially considering Moose was standing right next to me the whole time! It’s the first time I’ve seen one in the wild, and definitely the closest I’ve ever been — at one point he got with a couple feet of me! I can tell you that when on snow his camouflage is incredibly effective. I had at least a dozen photos on my phone where I thought he was in the frame only to find he wasn’t. It was like a crazy real-time magic eye picture trying to find him in the snow. Moose can confirm that — he could clearly hear the ermine and smell him, but he couldn’t see him either most of the time!

And there you go — side-tracked, random, and a little all over the place as promised today. May you have slightly more centered and orderly weekend ahead of you!


18 thoughts on “Sidetracked, Random, and A Little All Over The Place”

  1. Love your randomness – part of your charm! WOW, you’re getting a lot done – do you ever sleep?! I can’t wait to see the purple yarns woven – that will be stellar. Is the woolen yarn your special gift from Mr. TKS? It’s a wowzer. AND, that little ermine is about the cutest creature I’ve ever seen. I’m really happy that little bit of randomness popped in to say hello! Thanks for sharing it all

    1. I like that — let’s call it “charm”! LOL! And yes, I sleep — enough that I’m generally leaving Mr TKS in disbelief at my powers of sleeping. LOL!

      And yes! The woolen yarn is the adopted sheep fleece from a couple years back — I *finally* got up the courage to try it!

  2. I like the new look of the blog. It’s clean and neat. I haven’t explored all the menus and bells and whistles but I will do that for you. And for me as I love to look at what you are doing. the plying looks great! All those bobbins are probably empty by now, but for how long? πŸ™‚

    Wow, those purples are going to look so good when woven together, even better than they do right now!

    And that ermine is so tiny! and so cute and brave! Is he a baby, or just a tiny breed? I have seen ONE ermine here and it was much bigger.

    Keep on being random, I love it!

    1. Thank you! The old theme was old and not working as well as it could, so it was time to update. I like the new look, too. It’ll be a WIP for a while to get things *just so*, but that is what it is!

      The bobbins *were* empty — I’m already re-filling them! LOL!

      And the ermine is just that tiny! They are AMAZING and tenacious. The only other one I’ve seen was in Yellowstone. Love them and I’m so excited to have seen one so close to home!

      1. Glad to hear you are filling them fast! I love your spinning.

        I understand about the blog needing updating, I should do mine someday, too.

        I am glad you have cute little ermines near you, too. I hope you see more of them on your walks.

      2. We’ve been collecting the branches that come down out of the trees in a pile in the back yard. Partly for the dog, partly so they are easy to use for the fire pit next year, and partly because we think it’s the best shot we have at luring an ermine to live in the yard. Wait, did I admit that out loud? XD

      3. We toss our Christmas tree over the bank not too far from the feeders, and it is amazing how they like that! Also amazing how long a christmas tree takes to break down, we have several of them there!

      4. Oh yes! It gives them cover from predators while they munch their seeds. We have a lot of trees and shrubbery around the front, but the back is very open and the pile of branches definitely lends an impermanent solution to that. We have plans in the works for something more substantial, but we aren’t quite there yet (especially in winter!).

      5. Lol no planting this to e of year, only planning. Which reminds me I haven’t gotten a seed catalog yet. I should go order one or two!

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