11 thoughts on “Today on my needles…”

    1. That’s totally thanks to Tanis from Tanis Fiber Arts. I picked out the two “right side” colors for colorwork, but emailed for guidance on the lining. Love her eye and that she’s able to help!

  1. lovely! Is this mitten one or two? I am spinning yarn for my next pair of those – not sure when they will get knit, but the yarn will be ready. 🙂

    1. Mitten #2!!!! And after this morning I’m already working on the thumb of the lining here, too. I’m hoping to wrap them up soon so I can wash, block, and send them on their way. I was thinking last night about the other 2 pairs I have yarn for and wondering if I should just hold on working on them until late summer or fall now…

      1. The lining goes nice and fast, you will be done in now time! But drying the takes a long time as you know, even pulled apart. So you will have time to admire them and decide if you should cast on more. They can be your sock replacement, lol.

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