Today on my wheel…

Another bobbin of stand-alone singles…

I’m going to let it rest overnight and skein it tomorrow. Can’t wait to share it s this harsh lighting does not so it justice, but hey, it’s winter!

6 thoughts on “Today on my wheel…”

  1. Love those rich jewel tones. YUM. So, a question: when you spin, do you have a particular project in mind or do you wait to see what you get?

    1. It depends. Sometimes I spin for a specific project. Sometimes I spin to practice a technical spinning skill, so I suppose that is spinning for a particular outcome. Sometimes I just spin to spin. In this case, I wanted to make a silk blend single because I don’t think I’ve done that before and I was interested to see how it spun up. So in this case, it was kind of like swatching in knitting — I spun to see what the yarn would finish like so in the future I can spin more deliberately for projects.

      1. So not much different than I do with knitting and buying yarns (except handspun is so much more pleasing). I often just buy a yarn because it’s beautiful and/or I want to try it, or at least have it on hand when the mood/project strikes! Whatever the reason, your handspun always delights!

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