13 responses to “Today on my wheel…

  1. Good job! Very nice! 😀

    I am guessing this is long draw using carded roving? Cuz it looks a bit fuzzy. Or am I way off base here?

    Will you ply it? Are you planning a 3 ply? Will it be knitted?

    I am looking forward to seeing whatever you make out of this new yarn!

    • It is! In 2014 my hubby actually adopted a CVM sheep for me and I got the wool washed and carded through the farm (it got back to me in 2016). So yes! This is carded roving!

      I do plan to ply it. I have 4lbs of it (WHOA!) so I hope to work up a sweater quantity of it. Right now I’m thinking 2ply, but maybe 3. I will do some sampling and see what I like best. It’ll be a long process start to finish, but I’m glad have taken the first step!

  2. Your sweater will look amazing, no matter what type of sweater you choose to make. Have you ever tried doing one of those Knit Swirl sweaters? I hear they are fairly easy.

    • Aw! Thank you!

      I have not tried a Knit Swirl sweater, but I’m a veteran sweater knitter. I’m sure I’ll find something I like. If I have enough yardage and spin to the right weight, I’m actually kind of thinking Belfast from Veronik Avery. We shall see!

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