Recovering from the Happy Merry

I hope you’ve all had a happy holiday season thus far! Perhaps, like me, the hustle and bustle is mostly over for you and you’re able to settle back into a more normal schedule. I came down with a mighty cold right before the holiday — so much so that my darling husband took one look at me and declared, “You look awful!” one morning. He meant well, somehow, I think, and really I did marry him for his honesty, so I’m not sure what else I should have expected. The important thing is that he seemed to take my horrific appearance to mean I really was not feeling well and so make an effort to help me to plan a easier work load for over the holiday. I am super thankful for that!

In any case, I recovered (for the cold and the trauma of looking so hideous) enough to put it out of my mind and enjoy the family time — gifts and hosting and all that good stuff. My body is still working things out with the germ invaders though and we’re all discombobulated from the weird holiday hours, so we are taking everything light this week — school, housework, the works.

It’s been mighty cold out — we haven’t seen temps crawl out of the singles digits in a while. In fact, today’s 6ºF feels downright warm by comparison to the last few subzero days. But that hasn’t stopped us from taking short hikes. It really does feel good to breath that super cold air when you aren’t feeling great. And that quiet, crisp, low winter light is just…


Restorative. On so many levels.

Plus, when it’s below zero, you tend to have the trail all to yourselves…


We never go super far in the below zero temps because that kind of cold gets into your bones awfully quickly, but it’s definitely worth every minute.

At home, I’ve been working on plying…


This plying is not exactly going according to plan, but I kind of can’t stop myself from just letting it take its course. It’s too pretty to fuss with it. The plan is to weave with it, so I’m getting excited to be nearing the point of actually, you know, weaving. Every day I get closer!

And having finished the holiday socks ahead of schedule, I had planned a Christmas Eve (or Christmas Eve Eve as it ended up being because I finished on the 23rd) cast-on, but instead I found myself compelled to pick up an old WIP…


My Find Your Fade! According to my Ravelry project page, I started this March 14, 2017 so it’s definitely about time I pick it up again. I had knocked a bunch of stitches off in the middle of the lace section, so instead of trying to sort that out, I ripped back a substantial portion of the color I was in, found my place, and started back in. I’m kind of luke warm about the current color, but I have faith that the next color and the final color will bind the whole project together so I am being patient.

At the moment I’m tantalizingly close to adding that next color which will be the second from the last. I feel like I totally have the momentum to wrap this project up now which feels like a tremendous weight lifted and a huge accomplishment all rolled into one. If I can finish my Find Your Fade, I’m one sock and 2/3 of a shawl (remember Brillig?) away from having finished all my current WIPs for 2017. It won’t all happen in the next 3 days, so 2018 won’t begin with a clean slate, but I don’t feel buried by WIPs either. So I am continuing to plot and plan my craft projects for the coming year… I’ll have to share some of those with you soon, right?!

I hope you are all enjoying a little down time to recover from the happy merry season and that your 2018 plotting and planning is coming along very nicely, too!




13 thoughts on “Recovering from the Happy Merry”

  1. Hope you feel better soon! I’m not doing too badly on my UFOs either, expect to finish a pair of socks for DH and a ruana for me….but the gigantic blanket continues!

  2. Although, as you know, I’m not a cold-weather fan, those beautiful pictures made me want to be out there with you! I love the spinning and can’t wait to see your weaving. Are those your hand-spuns you’re using for the Fade? I love the colors and can’t imagine they won’t come together beautifully. I just have to finish two charity hats and my UFO’s are done! Excited to be starting our sweater KAL in January.

    1. I will admit, I wasn’t wearing my coveralls ao my legs were tingling with the cold after just about 15-25 minutes out there. With the upper legs are tingling, that’s means you’re *really* cold.

      Yes! They are my all my own handspun yarn for my Fade! I’m really anxious to get to that next color!!!

  3. I’m just considering starting my FYF. I’m not a very confident knitter, so I’m not sure I can really tackle it, but I’m going to try in 2018. Waiting on my MadTosh yarn to arrive. I hope you post pics of yours when you are finished. 🙂

    1. It’s a very do-able pattern — all very basic elements, but it is A LOT of knitting. Don’t be intimidated by it though – it’s a very fun one! If you need any help, I’m here if you have questions!

  4. Your pictures are lovely as always! I c an feel the cold in those woods, though. I see the same view out my window! Brrr. I know what you mean about the cold air when you don’t feel well. Wonderful feeling!

    Not sure what you wanted to happen with plying, but what IS happening is gorgeous yarn!

    And the fade! Who else does a totally handspun fade? Beautiful!

    So much that is good is happening in your world, a little cold should get right out of there! Can’t have you looking and feeling so awful!

  5. “Mighty” is an extremely good way to describe this cold weather.

    I can’t wait to see that find your fade complete, I absolutely love it.

    1. IKR?! I was trying to find a new sledding spot for the kids, but it’s like 3F outside, so I’m don’t know that it’s even worth it to get them all suited up for the 12minutes they’ll last before they are kidsicles!

      I got to the 2nd last color this morning! I’m telling you, I am on a roll now!

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