We Make Yarn.

I’ll catch y’all up on my holiday soon, but today I’m over the moon to be able to share a new project on which I’ve been working with Mary Ann from Three Waters Farm. It’s called #wemakeyarn, an Instagram-based month-long photo challenge for the month of January designed to inspire and connect the community of handspinners. We’ve worked hard to develop prompts that would help us all share and discuss about, as well as reflect and celebrate this beautiful craft.

For those who may be interested, this is the image and prompts that’ll be the cornerstone of the event…


You can find the image on Instagram on my account, @knittingsarah, as well as the official Three Waters Farm account, @threewatersfarm, and also the brand new @wemakeyarn account where we’ll be curating beautiful and inspiring spinning photos throughout the event to share.

For those who were considering participating in the #spin15aday challenge for 2018, this is a fantastic way to get started with it. I’ll be using the month to really spring-board myself into a year-long habit of daily spinning. I hope those of you who are spinners will consider joining and sharing with all your spinning friends!


13 thoughts on “We Make Yarn.”

  1. I’m so excited about this–to be able to see what others are spinning will be great fun, but for the life of me I cannot report–neither on my phone nor my desktop . The instructions just aren’t working–can you help? What am I missing?

    1. Ah, I just saw this — I use the Repost App for reposting. First in your main IG app, click the three dots at the top right and the select copy link. From there it should let you paste it in the Repost App and go from there.

      1. Thanks Sarah, it does not appear to be working for me…I’ve tried everything. Maybe will try again tomorrow. I downloaded the app and clicked on the 3 dots and it gives me Block, cancel and some other choice that I don’t want.

      2. You may need to update the app. That would be my next step. It maybe just be that you have an older version that doesn’t yet have all those extra bells and whistles. That’s usually what happens with me because I don’t generally go for automatic updates.

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