Forty-Seven Handknit Socks

I have 47 handknit socks currently drying on a rack in my basement.

Just for a moment, let’s overlook the sheer number of handknit socks in my house. In addition to the 47 (socks, not pairs of socks, just to be clear) drying, there are currently 2 freshly dirty ones to wash up, one on each of my feet, and who knows how many currently residing in my cedar chest still clean. So yeah, let’s set the fact of the sock largesse aside for a moment and consider this:

I have forty-seven socks currently drying.

Not 46. Not 48.


Something is not quite right with this picture.

After counting them last night and then re-counting them, I just kind of tilted my head, confused, and then I started chuckling a bit to myself. The 48th sock is here somewhere, of that I’m sure. I just don’t know exactly where right now. There’s a metaphor for my life in there somewhere — everything is good, the holiday is going to be great, I just happen to be temporarily one sock short.

I especially feel “a sock short” at the moment as I’m coming down with a cold or fighting a low-level one or something and my head is a little foggy. But I’m persevering nonetheless, as we do this time of year.


I’m forging into sock number two of Mr Knitting Sarah’s Christmas socks. I’m feeling confidant enough in finishing on time, in fact, that I spent the better part of last night plying…


This is pretty much as full as this bobbin can get. In fact, the wheel did a bit of disagreeing with me as we got toward the end, so the last bits are a little unevenly plied. It’s not perfect, but perfect enough that washing and setting it should even things out well enough. For those curious, this is Granite from Three Waters Farm on a 60/40 Polwarth + Silk base and it’s one of the prettiest neutrals I’ve had the pleasure to spin.

For good measure, I pulled this off the wheel straight away and got the next plying project started…


This is also from Three Waters Farm, called Moving in Circles and this is a Merino/Superwash Merino/Tussah Silk blend — the colorway link will take you to a 60/40 Polwarth + Silk blend. It is pretty breathtaking and it’s definitely going to be hard to step away from.

On a very happy, holiday-y note, I did receive a couple treats in the mail yesterday. I’ve been on the fence about Fringe Supply Co bags for a very long time. I know they’re very nice, but they are pricey and I’ve just never been able to justify the purchase. Over the weekend I noted that Firefly Fibers — my once-upon another lifetime LYS — was offering them at a 10% discount, so I jumped.

Yesterday I received my black Porter Bin…


I imagine using this to hold prepped fiber for upcoming projects. I have an extra special plan for this, but the second part of it is still en route. Updates to come when part two arrives, of course.

I also got one of the new Waxed Canvas Plaid Field Bags


I love waxed canvas — it’s so practical for my lifestyle, just like the size and design of the bag, and these colors are just me.

It also just so happens that once I finished Mr. Knitting Sarah’s socks, even though I have other WIPs to attend to, I’m hoping to cast on this…

img_9146A gift from a good friend, this was also the last knitalong from Firefly Fibers. I’m too late to participate, but I’m excited to work on it nonetheless. I have a laundry list of projects that I want to get to in the new year, but this one — because it’s a gift and such a pretty blue tweed — it just feels like pure luxury.

And this lady, with 47 handknit socks drying — not 46 or 48 — could use a little something that is just a treat, pure and simple.

8 thoughts on “Forty-Seven Handknit Socks”

  1. I have yet to knit a single pair of socks for myself, let alone have 47 (LOL) single socks. That’s very impressive and here’s to you finding the 48th sock.

  2. I often feel “one sock short of a full pair” and glad I’m not the only one! (A funny saying my business partner used to say was, “His elevator goes all the way to the top – it’s just not a very tall building.” How I’m feeling today! 😁) Kudos on having knit THAT MANY socks along the way, even if one is temporarily hiding. OH, and the spinning is fabulous too!

    1. Thank you! Yes… we have a lot of conversations about my fancy socks here at our home. 🙄 Love them though! (And the missing one is the sproingy haired bandit’s – sure to turn up… eventually)

  3. You truly are the supa dupa sock making woman! That must be your super power! That is a whole lot of sock making going on!

    I have only managed to knit two pairs of socks successfully. The first pair I knitted with Paton’s worsted weight yarn using the Ann Budd book that was recommended to me for knitting any size sock. That pair took me abt 2 years to knit and only because I had the help of very patient experienced knitters. I found the heel flap and gusset sections very confusing. One side of each sock has loose stitches and a hole on the gusset. Very frustrating!

    The other pair I knitted was wonderfully easy. I used a light worsted weight of Plymouth yarn. They were patterned as a long strip of ribbing that has you knitting the cuff and instep in size 5 needles for so many inches each, and switching to size 4 needles for so many inches for the toe and heel sections. Then you pin and stitch up the sides. So easy peasy!!

    Those flat knitted socks are the best pair of socks I have ever had on my feet! I gotta make a few more socks like that! And I want to be able to use my handspun to do it.

    1. I love Knitting Socks and wearing my hand knit socks! Heel flap & gussets are kind of a leap of faith until you’ve done them a few times. If you ever want to try again, I can steer you to some excellent tutorials. 😉

  4. LOL, this post has made me so uncomfortable! The idea of 47 washed socks is just killing my OCD. I’m so weird about washing my socks. I ONLY wash pairs and I put them into the wash in pairs just to make sure… and when I wash them in the machine, which is 99% of the time, I won’t start the dryer until all my socks are all accounted for and lined up on the drying rack, in pairs.

    Hope your cold turns out to be some weird 20 minute allergy type thing and you’re well for Christmas.

    1. I might now ever wash my socks if I had the same system. 😂 Just kidding! I had special bins for my handknit socks and I’m just starting to train my daughter in caring for them as she grows into some that I’ve set aside for her. Turns out it was one of hers missing – she has to clean her room tomorrow so it’ll likely turn up. ☺️

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