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  1. That’s beautiful yarn. What is the color way and did you spin this fine teoply on your Lendrum?

    1. Thank you! It is “Granite” from Three Waters Farm on a Merino + Silk vase (I think). I *can* ply this thin on my Lendrum, I just chose to do this plying on my Schacht Reeves – no real reason Beyond I could, so I did. 😬

      1. Oh my!

        Polwarth wool and Alpaca fiber are just like those Ballpark Franks what plumps when you cook them. Freshly spun Polwarth yarn blooms when you block it! So if you think after plying that you may have a sock weight yarn, you may be surprised if it ends up being aran weight or a light worsted weight yarn. Poofelly poofle!

        That has been my experience with 100% Polwarth handspun. It may act a little differently with the silk blended in that breed of sheep wool though.

        Have you spun much Polwarth wool, or am I just making a huge fool of myself? LOL! 😀

      2. Yes! I often think of it as the “Polwarth Poof” – it poofs with silk blends, too – not quite as dramatically as 100% Polwarth, but still very noticeable — I Love Polwarth!!!

  2. I love this color – almost a pewter?! Your spinning is so wonderful. What plans do you have for this giant?

    1. It’s called “Granite” – there are rosy browns in there, too. The plan is to weave it with the other 2ply I’m currently plying – that is if I have enough yardage to make a decent little scarf.

      1. It is absolutely lovely and I hope you have enough for your weaving project – it will be beautiful no matter what you end up doing with it. Please post pics!

  3. The reason I ask is because you are using Akerworks bobbins. So you spinned this lovely yarn on your Schacht Reeves but in Scotch tension. I just ask beacause I am thinking of getting some Akerworks bobbins for my Schacht flatiron

    1. No – I attempted to try out the scotch tension on the Schacht Reeves, but had some issues so it was all done with double drive. Either way, I have been using Akerworks bobbins for years – first with my Lendrum and now with my Schacht. They are awesome! They do feel a bit different than the standard wooden bobbins, but I do enjoy using them and they work great!

      1. You are spinning double drive with Akerworks.
        How do you do that? The reason I ask is
        because I was told that I could only spin
        in double drive in my Schacht Flatiron with
        Schacht high speed bobbins which I own.
        When I asked Akerworks if I could spin
        double drive with their bobbins they did
        not confirm this could be done so I didn’t
        Purchase the bobbins. May I ask how you
        spin double drive with Akerworks bobbins?

  4. Sarah, I wrote to your email. Marry Christmas. Please also let me know if you have an espinner and think it practical. I have two wheels and was thinking of an espinner to take tomy spinning meet ups because I am not much of a spindler, but I am not sure how much I’d use it otherwise as I truly love spinning on my Schacht flatiron and Sidekick. I was thinking of getting an Akerworks spindle as an option for my meet ups. What do you think of that idea and how do you like spindling n your Akerworks spindles when out and about.

    Be well,

    1. I wanted to let you know that I got your email. I’ve had family visiting for the holiday, but once they clear out and I have some daylight, I will take some photos for you and send them your way! And I’ll answer all your questions as best I can!

      1. Sarah:

        Merry Christmas. No worries. I was only
        advising that I had sent you email just
        In case it went to your junk mail.


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