The Holly Jolly-est Socks

Last week I finished my second pair of Christmas socks — hooray!

I decided to use a yarn that has been in my stash for a couple of years, String Theory ColorworksKinetic Energy on the Entanglement base.


I think I purchased this back during the first Socks with Sarah foray in 2014, so I’m ecstatic to finally get around to knitting it. I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur of self-striping Christmas yarn lately and this one…


I think it’s just the holly jolly-est.

These socks are for my daughter. She wears about a child size 4 shoe and I went ahead and did the same thing I did for my son — a vanilla toe-up sock created from the kiddo’s foot measurements using the calculations from Jennifer Donze’s Toe-Up Custom Socks in conjunction with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. For those unfamiliar, I don’t really deep dive into the FLK Heel pattern because that baby is  l o n g , I just use it for the heel placement and instructions.  Oh, and I used Judy’s Magic Cast-on and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off. I’ll list the details up on my Ravelry project page for those wanting to know stitch counts and all the details. You’ll notice the legs on these are pretty darn long — since my girl’s still relatively small, I had loads of yarn, and I know she’ll love super tall socks. They’ll look awesome with her red velvet dress (because of course she has one with a twirly hem).

So. Would you like to see them?!


You’ll have to pardon the lack of nice blocker photos — I don’t actually have sock blockers for children’s sizes and I’m not going to wash them before they are gifted to my girl. They are for family who know don’t care so much about the presentation. Also, I don’t want to deal with the worrying about them drying on time.

These socks were not without their *facepalm* moments….img_9120

I had this cuff all set to bind-off nicely in the dark green when in a moment of not thinking I cut the yarn tail… when I hadn’t yet started to bind off. Suffice to say, reattaching the yarn and and then the subsequent bind-off forced me into the white… sure, I could have gone through my leftover yarn and found the same green and made it look all perfect, but… that’s just not my scene. Those three stitches bound off in white are like my signature — “Mom made these. And she is not perfect.”


I also managed to have that one random row of dark green stitches opposite the heel. Again, it was totally preventable, but…. it is what it is and that is ONE OF A KIND!


All overly critical comments aside, I love how these turned out. They are seriously merry. and I think they will be perfect for my girl — the holly jolly-est socks around indeed!






23 thoughts on “The Holly Jolly-est Socks”

  1. I absolutely LOVE that yarn and I know she will love the socks – all imperfect MOM and all – the best kind!

  2. Those seriously shout “Christmas!”. I keep thinking I need more red and green things – socks, shawls, etc – to wear during December. Maybe next year.

    1. Don’t they shout Christmas! XD I love it so much! I definitely need more red. I wear it a lot in winter these days. Maybe we both should start working on them straight away!

  3. Love those socks and love the imperfections; as you say they celebrate the fact that you made them. A Happy Christmas to you all.

  4. Great socks! Red, white and green looking so festive! Don’t be over critical – they look fab and I’m sure you’re daughter will love them. Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, I know! We are our own biggest critics. I’m sure she’ll just wear them and love them and never think twice about the imperfections. I always laugh because if I was half as fussy about my ready-to-wear clothes as I am about my handmade ones, I’d *never* buy any ready-to-wear clothing!

  5. LOVE the socks! The single stripe of dark green doesn’t bother me at all but the couple of white bind off stitches would make me crazy. Not crazy enough to do something about it, but crazy none the less. Hope we get to see pictures of your girl wearing the dress & socks. Merry Christmas!

    1. I’m so very zen about these kinds of decisions — once I’ve opted to leave something as is, I don’t think twice about it. I wish I was like that in all aspects of my life! LOL! I will do my best to get a photo of her to share!

  6. they look so festive and fun. I likely would not have noticed the green stripe without you pointing it out. I would notice the white but wouldn’t think anything of it. 🙂 I agree with you, a machine can knit perfect socks, but socks knit with love are unique.

  7. I love that color combination. I just finished weaving a scarf with a similar color combo. It turned out so festive and cheery that I kept it for myself!

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