Hello From My Desk!

Hello from my desk!


I added the desk lamp last week because I find it gets awfully dark in this part of the house during the short winter days. Ironically, since the window is facing South, when the sun is actually out I’m pretty much blinded in my chair from about 9am to 2pm. It’s a true feast or famine situation! Thank goodness for that lamp and for blinds that I can easily adjust!

In any case, I’m sitting here, staring out the window (it’s 3:30 and the sun is mostly hidden so I can actually see) and I’m watching the clouds race past in the 30mph winds and I can’t help but think, “I know how you feel — we’re in such a rush these days!”

Despite being quiet here on the blog thanks to the million things I’ve been running around doing, I’ve been spinning and knitting away. And I’m stealing just a few minutes in between a meeting, school, and a volunteer gig to share a very quick glimpse of what’s been happening here.



Currently on the wheel is the last 4oz of Mercurial Light from Three Waters Farm for my 16oz handspun weaving project. Isn’t it just luscious?!

These are the other 12oz…


All set for plying! The two bobbins on the right will be plied together to make the weft while the one of the left will be plied with the one on the wheel to make the warp. That’s the dream anyway — I will keep you updated! It’s kind of slow, but definitely steady work.



I’m cruising along on my daughter’s Christmas socks made with String Theory Colorworks’ Kinetic Energy colorway on their Entaglement base. I’m not going to make St Nick’s, but they will definitely be done by Christmas. I’m really enjoying this knit and I will take the slightly later than hoped for finish date. I will take it happily indeed!



Moose is the only one with time for napping around here! He does it so well though, so he naps for all of us. We’re thankful he takes this full-time job on for the family. He’s an integral part of the team.

I hope your holidays season is keeping you on your toes, too!




10 thoughts on “Hello From My Desk!”

  1. I love how Moose is helping you and your family with naps. You always have such great knit projects to share … thank you

  2. That Moose! Quite the helper and I’ll bet he’s a great supervisor too! 😉 I hate how busy this season gets and I’m glad you are taking the time for yourself. Your volunteer projects are very special too. Nice, clean desk – VERY unlike mine!

    1. I can’t handle a messy desk. My desk is right inside of the front door, so it has a lot of potential to be a dumping ground for everyone’s stuff. I diligent “return” things that wind up there *immediately*.

  3. What a lovely desk! And so many spindles. If you can’t see the computer, at least you can spin! Which leads to – you are killing me with this spin, it is SO gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished yarn and then the weaving. It is going to be lovely.

    And the adorable socks. You will definitely make Christmas – but I know you have two more pairs you want to get done by then. No napping for you! Only cute Moose!

    1. I’m unsure I’ll get to the other two socks…. things have been so busy! But I’ll definitely try!

      And thanks for the kind words on the desk! I still feel very spoiled to have the space!

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