The Coziest Himalayan Summit

When I used to think of a Himalayan Summit, I didn’t think cozy. My thoughts would go to ice and avalanches and crampons. Leave it to Bijou Basin Ranch to defy conventional thinking though and completely revolutionize what I think of when I hear the words “Himalayan Summit’. Now, I think of this…


50% Tibetan Yak + 50% Merino Wool. Let me tell you, it doesn’t get a whole lot softer than this!

I also think of this amazing assortment of goodies that the wonderful folks at Bijou Basin Ranch sent me when they kindly sent me the yarn for review…


I always feel so spoiled — like I’m not just getting yarn to review, but a care package from friends with this shop send me goodies.

The yarn was so soft, in fact, that I actually chose to wind it the old fashioned way, just to spend a little more time with it in my hands…


This yarn is a limited edition colorway called Crab Nebula dyed by ModeKnit for Bijou Basin Ranch. They’ve been partnering up with indie dyers the past few years in order to get some really unique, very fresh colorways. This colorway was so pretty ‘as is’ that I opted for a very simple pattern, my first ever Sockhead Slouch Hat. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry that I’ve seen knit up hundreds of times and it was about time I got around to knitting it for myself. This fabulous yarn was the perfect match.

After winding my yarn I discovered that the US 2.5 needle was literally the one needle size greater than a US 1 (I have never had the need for anything lower than US 1) that I did not own in circulars. I ordered some ChiaoGoo interchangeable tips and cords just to try them out.


I started with what I believe was a 14″ cord, thinking it would be similar to the 16″ ones I’m used to, but it was a little tight, especially in the ribbing. I didn’t want to fight with my equipment, so I went back online and ordered the 8″ cord and waited for it to arrive.


The 8″ was so much better! I had already purchased the 30″ for magic looping the crown, so I knew I was all set. I though the Chiaogoos were a great needle with smooth, easy to secure joins, nice sharp tips, and very comfy in the hands. Well worth all the hype I’ve heard from knitting friends. Between the needles and the yarn, I simply flew through this knit.

And voilá!


Finished in no time flat!


I’m especially impressed that there was so little pooling in the colorway. And I really just adore the vivid blues and oranges — the colors just POP.


It’s a super, super slouchy hat, as the name of the pattern implies. Pair the nice long folding brim with the 50/50 yak/merino blend and this is simply a heavenly hat — so soft and so warm. Gah! I just love it!

I tried very hard to discourage the sproingy haired bandit from stealing this one. I went to great lengths with all sorts of shenanigans…


So far, my plan has been working and I’ve managed to keep this one in my own hat stash.  It helps that I hung it up on a rack that she can’t reach. Keep your fingers crossed for me because this is the coziest Himalayan Summit I can imagine and I think I want to keep it all for myself!


Many thanks to Bijou Basin Ranch for sending me this yarn for review!





12 thoughts on “The Coziest Himalayan Summit”

  1. I do hope you get to keep the hat! No color pooling is good and Bijou Basin has nothing but great yarns. And, you can never go wrong with ChiaGoo needles. I love my ChiaGoo red lace interchangeables–my go to needles for almost everything!

    1. All very true and I hope I get to keep it, too! I was excited to have a reason to try Chiaogoo needles, too. I have enough needles that I can’t really justify buying another set, but glad I took the opportunity to give them a spin – they are super nice!

  2. Love these colors! You are so right about this yarn – it’s absolutely delicious going through the fingers. BBR does such a great job. I’m so glad you’re finally believing all of us ChiaoGoo lovers! Fingers crossed you get to keep this hat.

    1. It’s never that I didn’t believe you, I just didn’t have a justified reason to try them. I could have replace the pot of HiyaHiya 2.5a I was missing (I was actually missing 1 needle 🙄), but took the opportunity. They are awesome needles!

  3. the hat looks great – and I can only imagine how nice and soft it is! Good fro you figuring a way to save it from the sproingy haired bandit! After all, what good are all her hats if her mom gets freezing cold ten minutes out because she has no hat? 🙂

  4. The hat looks ever so squishy and smooshy! Very nice!

    I am pretty good at knitting hats and matching scarves as long as its not too complex a paytern stitch. Gonna have to do that soon.

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