Autumnal, Just in Time for Winter

Around the middle of last month, I saw a call for test knitters from Melissa Schaschwary who happens to be the woman behind Dandiliongirl Designs. Since the move, I’ve cut way back on the tests and reviews I’ve volunteered for just because it’s been busy around here and I don’t like to take on projects that I can’t guarantee delivering on in a timely manner. This was a cute hat though and a yarn I had in my stash and I’ve been a long time admirer of Dandilion Designs, so I threw my name in the ring. I was delighted to be selected and included.

As soon as I got the pattern, I got knitting…


It was so much fun I just flew through it, editing & notating as I went like a good test knitter. And around this spot, I realized my gauge was super tight and the fabric was going to be too stiff for a good slouch. I knew I had to rip back and go again and, you know, pay attention to my gauge, like a good test knitter.

I was over halfway through the skein, though…

img_8515So rather than rip it out, I just started from the opposite end and knitted off from the remainder of the ball and off the old version of the hat. I was being a little antsy about the knitting and lazy about the ripping. It worked and saved me time, so I’m not complaining!

It was so worth the rip! I really dug in and finished it up within a day or so and the finished product…



Oh my goodness, do I love it!


Including the faux fur pom on the top (which I attached in a totally respectable time frame for once!).

I used the recommended Malagbrigo Worsted to make the full slouchy version and it takes a bit more than a skein, or about 315yards of aran weight yarn to make this hat. I just had one, though, which was 210yards, so I made some adjustments. In the pattern, the designer opted to create a version for each yardage allowing knitters to create either a one skein version or a 2 skein version. In the shorter version, she opted to cut the folded brim, whereas I just cut about an inch from the main body of the hat for a slightly more subtle slouch. Where I live, the extra ear coverage is more important than fashionable slouchiness. It’s worth mentioning that this pattern is pretty easy to customize as it is a simple repeat and crown.

The finished hat is equally versatile and can be worn with the brim folded all the way up for a snug, cozy fit…


Or, it can be folded for just in half for a slouchier look…


Either way, I love it.

Unfortunately, as you might guess, so does my little model. The softness of the Malabrigo and poofy faux fur pom proved irresistible and I post photo shoot I watched as yet another finished hat was snatched lovingly from my grasp by the sproingy haired bandit. Of course I smiled as I watched the faux fur pom bounce away.

11 thoughts on “Autumnal, Just in Time for Winter”

  1. Lovely hat! But that sproingy haired bandit! She got you again. Maybe it is time for YOU to be the model and HER to take the photos. πŸ™‚ Or maybe you just have to make two of everything?

  2. The hat bandit strikes again! I love this pattern and the yarn is yummy. Any idea when the pattern may be available?

    1. Yes! It’s on Ravelry — It is called “Autumnal” by Melissa Schaschwary. I actually have a Ravelry project page loaded up for it with a linky to the pattern. πŸ˜‰

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