Of Course. It’s Yours.

Many moons ago, I got this yarn in the mail from Mountain Meadow Wool, the last installment of a 3-month Legacy Yarn Club subscription.


It is Mountain Meadow Wool’s Mountain Down, a 25% hand-pulled bison from Durham Ranch and 75% Mountain Merino from Camino Ranch, both in Wyoming. My family and I are definitely unnaturally into the plains and all the flora and fauna that live upon it, so this 25% bison yarn just had to be knit up into something special.

I ended up going with the original pattern I picked for the yarn, Elbert by Ysolda Teague. It was part of my “September of colorwork” and for reason after reason I’ve been super slow getting images up here with it. It’s definitely not for lack of love…


Because it was a beautiful knit. The yarn was absolutely dreamy.


But mostly I just knit it super quickly. And then it sat in limbo, without its pom for a good long while…


You know how that goes. Life keeps happening and those little tasks keep falling between the cracks.

And then one day…


You get that pom attached.



And you’re like, “Hey, this hat is pretty rad.”

It’s not as slouchy as the pattern intends — I could have gone up a needle size, but I wanted a tighter gauge for a more winter-friendly result. It fits like a proper hat or large beanie and I think it’s just perfect. Perfect for such special yarn, perfect for winter, perfect for everyday wear.

And as I was admiring it with the newly affixed pom, my daughter walked up to me and was like, “Hey mom, can I have that hat?”


And I said, “Of course. It’s yours.” Perfect for such a special yarn. Perfect for winter. Perfect for everyday wear. Perfect for my girl.


Many thanks to Mountain Mountain Wool Mill for providing this yarn to me for review!

21 thoughts on “Of Course. It’s Yours.”

  1. Sometimes I wonder if she is pulling your leg. 😜 what does she do with all these hats??? Or do you borrow them back later??? This one is mighty fine, I can see why she made a play for it!

  2. I’m with Bonnie that it’s perfect for your perfect girl and of course, you said, “Yes”. BUT it’s not pink? It’s BLUE – more you? What happened to our girl?

      1. LOL re: the poms. And to think that if you’d never attached it, you might have gotten to keep it – but it wouldn’t have been as cute. 😂 I know it has to make you proud that she loves your knitting. She’s a keeper, so who cares about the hat, right?!

    1. I had a vision with it for all 3 colors! Lol! Usually I would never be that bold (I’m very “by the book” most times), but I just knew how I wanted this one…

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