11 thoughts on “Today on my wheel…”

  1. That’s luscious. Is the “rest” in the bobbin’s future, or yours? I say that somewhat teasingly, but does the bobbin yarn need to sit a bit before its next step?

    1. I was talking about the bobbin, but I went to sleep shortly after finishing, too!

      There are differing opinions on whether or not singles should rest before plying. Some people say it helps the singles to settle down and makes them easier to work with if you let them rest. I tend to let them rest, but only because I usually like a break or a change before plying a project. I’ve gone straight to plying and never really noticed a different in the finished yarn, but that’s not to say there never would be!

  2. When this popped up on my reader,the whole picture wasn’t visible, and I immediately thought “oh no, is she playing black and white tricks on us again?” I should have known better! I love this project you are working on, the colors are so soft and will blend together so well.

    1. LOL! No black and white shenanigans right now. XD But I make no promises for the future!

      I like this project, too. I was contemplating just plying them right away, but I’m expecting a little something in the mail today and I have a lot of bobbins, so I might go ahead and keep spinning singles for a bit longer just because I’m in the groove and they are so relaxing.

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