Maybela’s Promise, A Hitchhiker

Remember a while back when I was posting a bunch of black and white photos of my very first Hitchhiker?

Like this…


And this…


Well, today is the day I get to share the project IN COLOR with you!

Are you ready?!


TA-DA! It’s Maybela’s Promise from Three Waters Farm on their fabulous 4-ply fingering weight Superwash Merino + Nylon base.


I’d like to start by saying I’ve had Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker in my queue literally for years. I’ve watched practically everyone I know knit one and yet I was never compelled to try it. When I got this yarn in my hands, though, I knew it was time. I just had this feeling that they’d be a match — you know how that goes, right? And with this excellent pairing, suddenly I knew exactly what everyone was talking about. The knit was just divine.


As I mentioned with my first experience with the Three Waters Farm yarn this summer, I love this base. It’s a generous 465-yard skein that and I simply adore Mary Ann’s eye for color. I’ve found her translation of her fiber colorways to yarn colorways to be particularly fascinating in the very best of ways. She’s just done a fabulous job!

Would you like to see my finished project? Oh, I’m so happy I can show you because…



I just LOVE it. The slate-y greens, the burst of autumn’s best oranges and yellows and reds. They are just spectacular!


For as simple as it was to knit, I think it’s just a stunning piece.

Now I love this scarf/shawlette so much, but I’m even more excited to share that not only is the fiery Maybela’s Promise available for purchase in the Three Waters Farm shop…

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

But there are actually 3 additional colorways to choose from, too!

Meet Lonely, Crazy, and Blue…

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

Scottish Landscape

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

And Red Velvet

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

All four colorways are dyed on the same 75/25 Superwash Merino + Nylon base, which is really a wonderfully versatile yarn — strong enough for socks and yet still soft enough to be worn next to the skin. And I can truly attest to that as I’ve knitted and worn this base as socks and now my lovely Hitchhiker scarf! As I mentioned earlier, they are generous 465-yard skeins and they do arrive in a long skein, too long for the average swift so be aware you’ll need to wind it by hand, nostepinne, or onto a niddy-noddy and then onto your swift and winder set-up. It’s worth it though, I promise!

I’ll admit, I just order a couple skeins for my mom — she chose Scottish Landscape & Red Velvet. What are you favorite colorways? What would you knit with this awesome yarn?






21 thoughts on “Maybela’s Promise, A Hitchhiker”

      1. My yarn isn’t plain, but maybe not dramatic enough. It’s kind of tonal – and I think it’s just too thin, it’s not squishy like garter should be.

  1. It is stunning! I have had the pattern in my Ravelry forever. I think it might be time to join the club.

    Might also need that yarn in my stash. The colors are so beautiful. Plus, it will provide me with an excuse to cast on another project. 😉

  2. that is just perfect! I love the long stripes with that pattern. You are right, it is the perfect yarn for that pattern. I love the hitchhiker because it is so simple, and you can do it in any yarn, any weight. And just an FYI, it is great for handspun.

    Mary Ann has done another great job. I think if I HAD to choose one – wait for it, I am going to shock you – it would be Scottish landscape. I do love the blue one, but I love the Scottish one even more. Your mom has good taste. 🙂

    1. They are all pretty, I think! And the new colors she just listed are, too!

      And yes! You know my mom’s been knitting Hitchhikers for years now – it’s her fave pattern I think. Although I just got her the new Hitchhiker and she loves that, too. So glad to finally know what the fuss is about!

  3. Wow! Your Hitchhiker is GOREGEOUS! So glad you posted about it. I just ordered the last skein available in Maybela’s Promise. I’d never have thought that yarn would knit up into that Hitchhiker. Can’t wait to receive my skein & start knitting. So much for the idea of knitting Christmas gifts this year. 🙂

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