Communing with Ents & Other Things

We had a busy weekend in the very best of ways. Saturday, started with two inches of fresh snow so the kids raced outside to build snowmen from the super wet snow before it was doomed to melt later in the day. I got bunches of work and cleaning finished. Most impressively though I got the pom on that hat I mentioned last week. I’m hoping to get a post up about that later this week.

Once I waded through the less fun & exciting tasks, I took some time to wind yarn for a first pair of Christmas socks and got the foot measurements of certain future handknit sock owners so I could do some math and get going. I used a basic custom toe-up formula and plan to utilize the Fish Lips Kiss heel and — get this — I am taking notes as I go so I know how I made them. I know, I know. Pick your jaws up off the floor! I’m really doing it!

Since they’re stockinette, I’ve just been working on them a bit before bed and a bit right when I wake up and here and there in between.


And I’ve been making great progress. I think I’ve got 2-2.5″ left to go before the heel (and that’s saying something because these are for size 11-11.5 men’s feet). I’m loving this whole yarn wound into separate balls for each socks — it definitely makes me less weird about getting bogged down in toe-up socks land. I may have to wind for individual socks more often! I also need to mention that this is my first time using Turtlepurl Yarns and I am IN LOVE with the base as well as the colors. It’s just a treat to knit.

I also finished up spinning the singles of my Three Waters Farm Polwarth + Silk 60/40 fiber in the Granite colorway.


This colorway is another thing I’m super IN LOVE with. It’s seriously just like granite — with that silvery grey and subdued bronze-y-ness. Just yum.

I prepped the color I intend to weave with Granite straight away…


This is Moving in Circles, also from Three Waters Farm, on the Merino/Superwash Merino/Silk 40/40/20 base. I didn’t get to start it right away though as another adventure was in store…


My family and I had a date with this deep, dark forest. Mr Knitting Sarah tracked down this forest about an hour north of our house. The Gerstberger Pines County Park is home to some very old trees and especially on this dark, foggy morning it had all the feelings of amazing and slightly creepy that comes with forests that have been around since the last ice age.

With some pines and hemlocks that have been standing for as long as 200 years, it was a majestic place and had that feeling of holding a lot of secrets that come with being around for two centuries.


Moose tried his very best to blend with this place’s majesty and was listening closely to what the forest had to say.

The canopy in places is substantial and much of the ground is damp and moss covered…


You can see that not even all the snow has melted yet on the forest floor.

It’s a favorite haunt of Pileated Woodpeckers.


We didn’t see any, just flocks of chickadees at the end of our hike, but they’ve certainly left their mark with the trees.

And with the dampness, of course…


There is plenty of wild plant and fungi around.

The trees were the real stars of the show though…


Some of them with over a foot in circumference and over a hundred feet tall. Whether there were quiet predators observing from a safe place or it was just the ancient trees, it was hard to not feel like we were being watched. Like I said, it was slightly creepy and amazing. A new favorite spot for us; to commune with the Ents, to remember that grand scale of time, and to be reminded that we are kind of small in the grand scheme of the world.

We drove up to a small town nearby for lunch and saw Buffleheads on the neighboring lake while Moose snored away in the van. And then, full of good food, humbled by the ancient trees, and ready to be in the comfort of our home and out of the cold misty air, we journeyed back to our little cozy home.

When we got home, everyone went back to their rooms to reflect and relax and I, I dug into that freshly prepped fiber…


And I kept going until there was just a fraction of an ounce left of the first half, the portion set aside for the first bobbin.

All in all, what a wonderful weekend. Full of just the right amounts of adventure, chores, family time, Ents, and craft. For us, there’s no better way to recharge the ‘ol batteries and be ready to go for another week.





25 thoughts on “Communing with Ents & Other Things”

  1. Loved the spin, and loved the trees, looking forward to seeing those socks. I have some yarn that I am going to divide–guess I will just weigh the yarn until I have half weighing the same as the other half unless you know of some other way.

  2. “Ents”? ‘splain, please! The socks are divine and I can’t imagine Mr. TKS won’t love them. I always separate my yarn into 2 balls for socks, but I do 2AAT, so there’s no other option. You may have better ways, but since Priscilla asked, I’m putting my way out there: I have an electronic yarn measure, and that’s what I use – I stop winding when half the yardage is wound, then continue on. Weighing works fine too. No method is perfect, but these get you close.

    Those trees are magnificent and I love Moose’s backpack. I always love your photography and I feel like I’m right there with you. AND the spinning – gorgeous as always. That Granite is amazing.

    Glad you had such a perfect weekend!

    1. “Ents” are a Lord of the Rings reference – they are the mystical tree beings. Old and wise and take life slowly and defend their own fiercely. ❤️ So a little nerdish for you today!

      These are actually for the young man in my house – size 11.5 men’s 😳 – But yes, I think he’ll like them!

      1. Been a long time since I read LOTR and I’d forgotten. Thanks for the flashback. WHOA, your son is 11.5?! He’s going to be a big ‘un. OH, and kudos on finally attaching that Pom-Pom and taking notes. Good girl!!!

  3. Thanks for explaining, I was looking to see where you ran into an Ears Nose and Throat doctor! Glad you are all well and not needing that. 🙂

    the forest sounds and looks incredible – thank you for the bright pink and orange scale feature. Huge trees!

    Moose looks suitably serious, what a good boy! Glad he is wearing his hunter orange!

    The spinning – holy mackarel, Sarah, it is lovely! What a wonderful thing that will be when woven together. Are you going to warp with singles or will you ply it?

    1. Anytime! Every now and then the extreme need in me comes out. 😂

      And of course we’re all in hunter orange this time of year. You can never be too careful when roaming about in the woods during hunting season!

      I will ply both warp and weft for the spinning project. I should have enough yardage to make a nice scarf.

      1. I won’t laugh at you, I know next to nothing about weaving! I am a bit worried though. You learning about spinning got me intrigued and hooked… nit sure I am ready for you to learn about weaving!

      2. Well, I’m looking at moving very slowly with it and mostly just do very basic weaving and letting my handspun do the work. So hopefully the learning curve won’t be too drastic!

    1. Thank you! It’s been such a joy to spin — the Merino/Superwash Merino/Silk base from Three Waters Farm is phenomenal and the colorways — well, always amazing!

  4. Yes, it is wonderful to be in a large forest like that. I would have felt much the same way.

    The Sequoia forests out in California are also quite humbling. I have only seen pictures, but I am still awed by them.

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