Prescription: Knitting (and a lot of other healthy things)

A week ago the mister & I both started to come down with a cold. He had a big week at work and did not have the luxury of letting it take him down, so I’m still not sure if I wound up more sick or he just held it together a lot better than I did, but I was not at all well. I even spent most of Tuesday in bed — something I quite literally cannot remember the last time I did. The rest of the week, I barely left the house save for a short daily walk. I’m happy to report that today I’m feeling much better save for a lingering cough that I am taking all measures to combat, but ugh… what a week!

The silver lining of being sick is that when I wasn’t accidentally asleep (which happened a fair bit), doing the things that needed to get done around here, or just too head-cold-y (UGH) to have my wits about me, I was able to get some knitting and a tiny bit of spinning done.Β  Today is the first real sunny day we’ve had since I finished a couple things, so the FOs I have are having their spa day. I do have a bundle of WIPs that I’ve started up though and I thought I’d share those with you.

I mentioned it in an installment of Today on your needles…, but I started a knitted toy cat. And this is how far I am as of this moment…


You probably all remember I’m not super keen on knitting toys, but it’s pink, so you can probably guess which soon-to-be birthday girl I’m knitting this for. Inspired by Rachel at Dyeabolical’s Parlor Cat project and using her SW Worsted Merino dyed in the colorway named Freedom, Beauty, Truth, and Love, it’s been going all right. I ran into a little snafu with the pattern a couple nights ago and have been banging my head unsuccessfully against a wall since, but I woke up today determined to draw a little picture and get things sorted out properly. I did just that and am confident today I’ll start moving forward again. I’m 85% sure I’m just interpreting something wrong because I’m not using DPNs and the cold has left me a little impatient. That, or I’m being too fussy about how something is centered. Either way, I have a plan and hope to be moving past the sticky part soon which is good because the birthday is coming up and I think this will be super cute.

Next, I started my Brillig for the NimbleNim SAL+KAL in the Three Waters Farm Ravelry group. I started working on it…


And then I kind of had some issues putting it down…


It’s a really fun knit. And it’s the kind of knit that is pretty easy to learn and just potato chip knit through a movie. As you can imagine, in my current state, that is a pretty great fit!

One WIP this week met an untimely end…


You’ll remember this image from last week. Yes, this incarnation of the Rainbow Warrior has officially been scrapped. I so wanted to love this combination, but I finally came to terms with the fact that I just was not feelin’ it. I have another combination in mind, but I just need a little time to let this one go and let the new idea simmer for a while.

I also accepted and received a new yarn for review last week.


This Shepherd’s Lamb Rambouilllet is from the mountains of Northern New Mexico and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get this new-to-me American wool on my needles. I wound it over the weekend…


And I’m looking at knitting it up into an End of Summer hat for my daughter. It’ll hop on my needles as soon as the cat is finished. I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

And I think that’s it, my friends! I have to admit, I am a grouch when I’m sick and for that, well, let’s just all take a moment to feel bad for my family (sorry everyone, especially Mr Knitting Sarah!). At the same time though, I think it was good to be forced to slow down for a bit. It felt good to put my feet up and settle into a couple new knitting projects, even if my nose was running, my head was full, and my throat was raw from coughing. I’m going to slowly start picking up the pace again this week, but I’ve not forgotten the two months it took me last year to tackle a nasty cough, largely because I spent the first 6weeks ignoring that I was sick. This time around, I’m going with a prescription of more knitting with my feet up, lots of vitamin C & eating well, continued rest, and some fresh air & light exercise. That should fix me right up, even if it’s at a ‘slowly, but surely’ pace I’m hopeful that it’ll continue to heal me up and kick this illness to the curb a little faster than the last time. That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!

6 thoughts on “Prescription: Knitting (and a lot of other healthy things)”

  1. I think knitting with one’s feet propped up is a sure cure for anything! I surely hope you stick to it and get completely healthy before you take up your busy schedule again. I LOVE Brillig! It looks like such fun and went immediately into my cart.

    1. So far, I’m doing all right with containing my energy. I’m worse than my 9-year-old when it comes to such things! LOL!

      And you’ll love Brillig — OMG it’s super addictive and fun! ❀

  2. Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better! And that you will continue to take it easy and work on that cough. Love brillig, and am glad to hear the cat is sorted out. Of course I am sorry the rainbow warrior got sent to the frog pond, but you have to love it! That is important, especially with that particular garment! πŸ˜‰

      1. I think I knew that, sorry if I wasn’t clear.πŸ€“ Mine is blocked and drying, can’t wait to get home and see it all finished. πŸ˜‰

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