Plyingpalooza Awaits

It’s true! I — like many other spinners — am in the throes of Spinzilla this week. Normally I’d have had a pre-Spinzilla post here with my plans and then regular updates, but let’s be real — I was not that ahead of things this year. I’m happy to report that despite my poor reporting here, I have been spinning away merrily this week with my fellow teammates on Team Three Waters Farm. Spinzilla is a yardage-centric competition for many, but on Team TWF, it’s about the yardage, of course, but it’s also about the good old fashioned love of spinning. And that’s what I love about it.

So far I’ve been exclusively spinning with my new wheel, the Schacht Reeves. I’ll admit, I found a new set of muscles or tendons or something in my right leg courtesy of the single treadle, but it’s nothing a walk with the Moose and knocking off a couple hours early one night didn’t alleviate. I found the Goldilocks whorl for the fibers I was spinning  — you know, not too fast and not too slow, but just right — and it was really and truly the best I’ve felt yet with the new wheel. It’s pretty awesome the way it just keeps getting better and better and more comfortable.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through my goals for the week.


12oz of singles are complete. The two bobbins on the top are TWF’s Maple Leaf Rag on a Polwarth + Silk 60/40 base.  It’s totally dreamy and 1000% perfect for this moment when the trees are all nearing their peak for the autumn season. This will be plied into a simple 2-ply and is destined to be a gift.

The two bobbins on the bottom are hopefully going to work for the Nimble Nim SAL+KAL being hosted in the TWF Ravelry Group. The left bobbin is African Sunset on a BFL + Tussah Silk base (this colorway is currently available on Mixed BFL here). It’s a wonderfully  moody colorway that I spun in no time just because it was so yummy. The right bobbin is TWF’s Iron Blue. It’s not currently in the shop, but it is hands-down my favorite blue ever. There is zero doubt in my mind that I will be ordering more via special order in the future. My plan for these bobbins is to chain ply them and hopefully have enough yardage to make a respectable sized Brillig. The pattern is highly adaptable, so it’s not that I couldn’t knit it up with less yardage, I’m just more interested in a larger sized scarf. If they don’t fit that bill, I will spin something else and save these beauties for another day. Time will tell!

I don’t think I’ll have any more time than plying these three skeins before Spinzilla comes to an end. I actually did not intend to spin them quite as lightly as I did, but as sometimes is the case in spinning, I went with the lighter weight because once I got into it, it simply felt right. In case I do make exceptional time plying though…


I’ve pulled out fibers destined to be quicker, heavier weight projects that I can fly through in a couple of spare hours.

Alas, I’ve got errands to run and then Plyingpalooza awaits. I’ll see y’all on the other side!

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  1. Beautiful spinning and gorgeous colours. So pleased you are loving your wheel. Would it be possible for you to sometimes post more details on your spinning, such as ratios, TPI etc? I love your spinning and would welcome a bit more info occasionally, I also love your pictures so please don’t feel like you have to. Thanks for your time and happy spinning.

    1. Yes! I can! I haven’t gotten too detailed in the past just because I’m not sure how many spinners are reading vs knitters — I didn’t want to bog down knitters with too much detail if there aren’t spinners reading. But I’m more than happy to include more info going forward! Thanks for chiming in!

  2. Wow! You have done a lot of spinning this week! I love those colors and can’t wait to see how they look after plying! You have got that new wheel down, I would say. 😉

    1. For singles, yes. For plying, the double drive still has me a little stumped. For now I’m focusing on mastering different whorls for singles on the new wheel and I’m just plying on the Lendrum, but I will hopefully slowly start to branch out.

  3. Yes, I have been spinning for Spinzilla this year as well. I have to skein off on my niddy noddy to get my total yardage today. I will also take a picture to post here on WordPress and on the Spinzilla Ravelry forum. Our thread there is Team Sue’s Stupendous Spinners.

    I had 3 batts left but could only do 1/2 of a batt since I had such a long exhausting day yesterday. I had to be at both early and late services, and then run home to eat lunch and get back to the church to board the bus for heading to Kansas City to attend the rehearsal for the upcoming Reformation celebration on Oct 15 at the Kauffman Center. Lots of singing and a very tired voice and throat by the end of the day.

    I kept falling asleep trying to spin up these last few batts! I gave up after 11 pm and went to bed. Too groggy!

    Your spinning looks terrific! Beautimussiful!

    1. Thank you! I’m hoping to get things measured today. I made it through my plying and 2oz of a worsted 2-ply. I gave up much earlier than you — I think it was 8pm. I had laundry to get folded for the coming week and I was exhausted after having a migraine Saturday. Considering how busy I was, I’m very happy with the week’s results. 🙂

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