The Last Box

I had some grand plans for things that were going to happen over the last week on the crafting front and I suppose they did.


My Hitchhiker has been joyfully relaxing and fun to knit. It’s been a while since I’ve been totally auto-piloting something and it kind of felt great. I literally have 6.5 rows and the bind-off left and it will be done — including ends woven in — tonight.

Knowing the end was near, I printed off three patterns this morning for new projects.


I mean, finish one project, start three. That’s how this knitting thing works, right? In all seriousness, I’ve got some personal deadlines on these, so it’s time to buckle down. Most of what’s on the ‘get hoppin’ list are small pieces, so I just need to dig in and start knitting. It helps that they are all fun.

For those thinking, “Hey Sarah, the last post you had 6 projects in the works. What happened to those?!” I haven’t forgotten about the things that are already started that I shared last time. I will keep plugging on those, too. I mean it, I will. Except maybe not the Find your Fade. I’m not ready to pick that one up again quite yet.

Since I last posted, I also finished a book. A real, actual book! Between homeschooling and writing and knitting and spinning, I don’t often read a ton beyond “required” reading, but I picked up Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody for vacation reading last month and I finally finished it.


A friend had recommended it and while I won’t read just any book written by a celebrity, I am a sucker for a good life story and I’ve always liked Anna Kendrick. I found it interesting to read a book from a younger woman’s perspective and for the first time, I read thinking about her life experiences through the lens of ‘things my daughter might experience.’ That was equal parts fun, enlightening, and terrifying. All in all, though, it was a fun read.

I also somehow won a giveaway! How exciting, right?! A friend tagged me in an Instagram giveaway for Knitwise Fibers and her name was selected which meant we both won a very sweet little Halloween-y gift bag.


A set of six mini-skeins, a cute little candy-inspired highlighter, some tea,  set of Halloween themed stitch markers, a page of Halloween stickers (already abducted by my daughter), and a little ‘trick or treat’ bag. What a generous giveaway! I’m not usually into Halloween colors, BUT I’m pretty excited to put these to use. I don’t have any Halloween colored socks yet so it might be time I rectify that.

Aside from acquiring yarn, finishing a book, and knitting away on my Hitchhiker, the rest of the weekend involved two main things: attending our town’s Maple Fall Fest — the 25th annual, actually — and working on the house. One thing we’ve discovered since our move is that this town is very Stars Hollow-like in it’s festival hosting. I don’t know the actual calendar, but it seems like there’s a new festival or big event every few weeks.

Maple Fall Fest involves craft booths that meander along the paths through one of the bigger parks in town, a maple syrup contest, and fun and games for the family. The highlights for me were the caramel apples and the trees. The trees put on their prettiest colors for the weekend, don’t you think?


The highlight for the kids were the bouncy houses and Zorbing.


Because what kid doesn’t love running around in a giant inflatable ball?

With regards to the house, we’ve been busy bees trying to take some last steps toward really making this house a home. Inside, Mr Knitting Sarah has taken over as director of interior design. I seem to lack the ‘big picture’ gene when it comes to home decorating, but thankfully it’s an area where he excels. We spent a week or so of him asking me if I like this or that and finally I just told him to go to town with his vision.

Aided by a recent addiction to American Pickers, he’s been adding some pretty awesome finishing touches. We still discuss new additions and the direction we want to go with certain things, but if I can’t envision something, I’ve embraced the fact that a) I trust him and know he won’t make me live with something I totally hate and b) he’s never had interest in our home decor before and he loves this house, so I want him to be happy with it. Generally speaking, he does a really good job of marrying our tastes.

He found me another cedar chest last week at an antique shop because he thought I might need extra space to store my stash (… no comment …) and he cleverly turned it into one of my favorite spots in our home.


Outside, I’ve been working with the kids to get the last of our 7 yards of river rock distributed throughout the yard. I’m 95% sure the rocks multiply when I’m not looking because the pile is not shrinking no matter how many hours we put in with it. My son and I also got the garage cleaned up and ready to easily hold a vehicle during the winter months. OIn the process, we emptied the very last box from the move. You read that correctly! The last boxes were the art for the walls and one giant box in the garage and about an hour ago the recycling was collected and we are officially and totally moving box free. Hooray!

I don’t know that it’s because we’re settling into fall and the school routine, or maybe because we’re getting those final finishing touches of decor in place, or maybe it was simply emptying the last box — possibly it’s all three of those things, but this place really and truly feels like a dream home for us now. I had a lot of trouble envisioning it at the start of this little rollercoaster ride, but my oh my, do I see it now. That last box is empty and I’m thinking it may be time for a little celebratory break for a few minutes. I think I’ll retire to my own personal yarn shop to enjoy a cup of coffee and one of those 6.5 remaining rows of my Hitchhiker. That sounds just about perfect to me!

10 thoughts on “The Last Box”

  1. SO productive, yet still time for fun! It must feel great to have the last box unpacked and the garage ready for winter. Just in time. 🙂 I understand the “finish one, cast on 3” syndrome. It has gotten me in loads of trouble over the years, lol. I got an order for a couple of pairs of baby booties the other day…so I will cast those on, and pretend they don’t count in my number of WIPs…

  2. If you need another cedar chest, I have one I’d give, but you and the family would have to drive to Virginia to pick it up. Wouldn’t that be a great vacation trip? We have nature and historic stuff…and some yarn shops.

    1. I think I’m good for cedar chests at the moment — they also seem to be readily available here at antique shops. We also have a thriving Amish community with lots of skilled craftsmen in the area. That *would* be a great trip though! We haven’t been to Virginia since my SIL got married 14 years ago. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the last packing box! Isn’t it amazing how much you can get done when the inlaw visit is imminent?! 😂 Company of ANY sort is always a great impetus for finishing projects! Good luck on those “growing” rocks and enjoy your quiet time finishing your Hitchhiker. Can’t wait to see it in color! 😉

    1. I worked on the rocks yesterday during the kids’ lunch and I think I’m down to one last installment with them with the kids to get them cleared out (unless, of course they multiply again). On the bright side, the house is looking nice!

  4. This October I will have lived in my home for 10, yes, 10 years and I still have boxes I haven’t emptied. I should be ashamed, yet, I’m not….

    1. Our last house we lived in for 13years! Luckily we’d spent the year before the move decluttering and when we went to move, instead of letting the movers pack everything, I went through again and culled our things so we didn’t take any stuff we weren’t going to use. That definitely made the unpacking process easier!

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