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I’ve been a busy bee the past week! We started school with half days and I’ve been prepping for WI Sheep & Wool next week because of course I’ve set my sights on doing all sort of things BEFORE that. My favorite moment was when I woke up yesterday and thought, “Hey, I think I’ll re-caulk the upstairs tub!” Because that’s exactly what you do when you’re getting ready for an event away from home.

In any case, today I’m finally going to share my FO from our vacation — my handspun socks! They started over a year ago as the special Three Waters Farm Tour de Fleece colorway, Summer Jubilee.

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

This was the Superwash Merino + Nylon base — it’s not currently available, but at of the time of this post, there is one braid of this colorway on the fab Cashmere/Superwash Merino/Nylon base available. You can find it here if you’re so inclined.

In any case, I spun it up during the Tour de Fleece 2016


And then I chain plied it into a 3oo yard (or thereabouts) skein.

summer jubilee det

And I was all set to knit up some socks… but the skein sat for about a year because life has a habit of happening. A lot. And all over the place.

When the Three Waters Farm Ravelry group decided to have it’s Sock-along post Tour de Fleece this year though, I knew it was time and I cast on. Originally I had decided to do the toes & heels in a commercial yarn I’d purchase for the task, but unfortunately/fortunately the gauge wasn’t close enough.


So I just went for it, even though I knew I was a little lighter on yardage than I’d like to be. I kind of winged the pattern using some combinations of pattern calculations and trying them on as I went to get a good fit. And I went with a simple Fish Lips Kiss heel (my latest little discovery, even though it’s not a new thing). Simple! I worked them two-at-a-time magic loop in order to work from opposing ends of the center-pull ball. I knew they would be on the road with me during vacation and weighing to know when I hit halfway was just not an option. And I’m way too lazy to measure & weight in the winding process — sorry, folks! That’s just never going to happen! Besides, I don’t mind fraternal twin socks and I also kind of prefer to knit socks toe-up two-at-a-time magic loop when I’ve got a potential yarn shortage. I always feel like this method gives me the most options when flying by the seat of my pants.

In any case, I knit away on them during vacation…


And I kept going as long as I dared. In the end, I probably had about 3-5 yards leftover. I can live with that.

And the resulting socks are nothing short of… magical. From the toes…


To the foot…


To the Fish Lips Kiss heels…img_8059

Every last bit of these socks makes me happy.


They are far and away my happiest socks to date. And because I’m a nerd, as I was writing about them here, I had to look up the word “jubilee.” As a noun, it’s a special anniversary or event. They certainly are special, aren’t they! A year in the making and oh so worth the time! Jubilee is also listed as an adjective though, “(of desserts) flambé.” Well I think that’s accurate, too. My summer socks, a year in the making and set alight with the magic that is handspun. They are indeed, my Socks Flambé!

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  1. They make me happy too! You’re still killing me with the whole tub caulking thing, though! 😂

    1. Exactly! I always keep the ends for holding stitches or leaders or whatever. I think it’s currently on my nightstand… because who doesn’t need a random ball of leftover yarn within arms reach everywhere?

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