Spring Dream in the Heart of Summer

With all the spinning news lately, Knitting Sarah here is excited to share a knitting project with you!

In mid-June, I received the fabulous Spring Dream Kit from Heart of the Mitten.


The kit contains the pattern, 3 skeins of Be Sweet Bamboo, 2 skeins of Be Sweet Skinny Wool, and 2 skeins of Mango Moon Twist — so just add needles and you’ve got yourself a project!


The stitch pattern is very fun and highly addictive. I’ll admit I was nervous about holding 3yarns together as I went, thinking the possibility of them getting tangled had to be very high, but I think the combination of the yarns — especially the influence of the bamboo which has zero grip and grab next to other yarns — made it actually super easy to work with.


Utilizing consecutively smaller needles to create a super loose swing at the bottom and comfortable fit around the shoulders, this pattern is super easy and loads of fun.

And the fabric of the main body is unique and so pretty…


And really just the perfect contrast to the garter stitch at the shoulders.


And the opening of this cover-up is just an inspired little detail…


That makes it truly effortless to wear.

I knit up the size small for my daughter. She’s a little on the small side for it, but she’s growing so fast I was loathe to make any modifications. The finished cover-up is a little large around the neck for her, but honestly, I think it works. Plus, it’ll be easy enough — not to mention super cute — to cinch up a little if we need to while she grows into it.


I apologize that my girl had some issues holding still for this photo shoot…


Admittedly, the addition of the Bofanna Bar did not help things. You can see the fit and style of this lovely cover-up though. It’s sweet and cozy and a unique little addition to her wardrobe. Easy to throw on over a t-shirt or dress, it’s sure to be much loved and much used at our house.

The Spring Dream Kit is actually on sale these days at Heart of the Mitten and is available in 9 color combinations in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. There are also a bunch of other pretty cool kits for projects ranging from shawls and sweaters to a woven scarf. They ever have a kit for a super cute Teddy Bear! What a great opportunities to be creative thanks to a local yarn shop in my neighboring Michigan!

16 thoughts on “Spring Dream in the Heart of Summer

  1. What a great project! I love mixing yarns together and using different needle sizes instead of increases/decreases – well done! It looks like the recipient like it a lot too. 🙂

  2. It turned out SO cute and that grin and curls never get old! I think you did exactly the right thing size-wise – it looks just fine now and she’ll get loads of future wear as well. PLUS, it’s PINK!!! Good job, Mom!

    1. Well, of course it was PINK. Because everything has to be! I’m slowly working on getting her away from pink pants so it’s more denim & black or pink instead of just every shade of pink all the time — lol!

      1. She really and truly is! Pretty pink sweater? She rolls down a brambly hill with it. Pretty floral dress? She winds up with mud all over it from trying to catch frogs. Whatever works, you know? You’re only a kid for so long!

  3. That is a great garment for her – room to be active, but still snuggly. Those curls – can’t get enough of them, as Kendra said. 🙂

    You know, I never thought about changing needle sizes instead of increasing or decreasing. (smacks forehead with hand) duh!

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