Fresh Air & Preparations

The end of last week we were lucky enough to have my dad stay with us for a few days. We celebrated his birthday (a bit late, but better late than not at all!) and spent a good deal of time outside. We fish a lot when visiting with my dad and it just so happened that he brought his boat along this time. While the weather didn’t always cooperate, we were able to scope out some local waters for possible fishing spots when the weather wasn’t ideal. And when we did get out on the water, we didn’t catch any particularly large fish…


But it was all smiles, all around. Fishing with Grandpa always is though.

My dad headed out Saturday, so we planned a family day for Mr Knitting Sarah’s day off on Sunday. We headed back to Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.


It was restorative, as these things generally are. You can see without the optics, but in this photo are loads of Trumpeter Swans, Sandhill Crane families, ducks which I didn’t identify because as I was counting swans I was distracted by a lone coyote prancing across the field of view. We watched as he zigzagged back and forth around the field, seeming to delight in upsetting the birds around him. Most excitingly though there were five Whooping Cranes present. It’s not often we see that many in one spot and this just felt very special indeed.

We took a slightly longer hike on the backside of this little spot.


It was quiet and peaceful aside from the last quarter mile or so when the deer flies decided to attack poor Moose. We walked fast and he was so tired when we got back to the car from the heat and annoyance that he laid down to drink his water. Poor guy!

Sufficiently tired, we headed home and had a little campfire. I’d purchased the ingredients for s’mores to enjoy while my dad was around, but we’d use up our sticks, so we set our youngest to work.


She’s decided she’d like to have a Marshmallow Roasting Stick business when she grows up, as one does when so enamored with whittling.

We’ve got a very busy calendar the next few weeks, so I took it upon myself to take the day to do a somewhat boring job.


Some “Friends of Knitting Sarah” are planning a bit of a retreat to the WI Sheep & Wool festival and I was asked to demo spinning, which, of course, I’m glad to do. I was also asked to bring along some handspun to a little pre-festival get-together, so I needed to measure and label some handspun. It took the better part of the day, thanks of course to numerous distractions, but by the end of the day, I managed to mostly fill the green tote above.


I still need to wash and set these skeins (plus one already in a bath) and I hope to have a few more skeins done before September, but I am resting a little easier knowing that if I manage nothing else before then, I should still have plenty.

So that, my friends, has been my last week. Fresh air and preparations. There’s been some spinning & knitting, of course, but it’s been somewhat slower than normal. I’ve got a basket full of prepped fiber though and 4 projects on the needles, so I’m excited that the preparations are mostly done and I can get back to the business of making yarn & things with yarn!

17 thoughts on “Fresh Air & Preparations”

  1. LOL at the whittling business – love it – and she is darling. Can’t wait to see all your yarn yumminess at our gathering!!!

    1. You know, I do have a cousin that is a professional wood carver, so maybe it runs in the family?

      There will be no shortage of yarns — 4 new skeins ready to be measured and labeled and 2 (ahem) on the wheels. πŸ˜€

      1. One never knows! πŸ˜‚ I’m glad you’re bringing lots of your homespun, but I’ll just be happy to give you a hug, yarn or no!

      2. Aw! Awesome! That will make me happy, too! The yarn is just a bonus!

        I’ve been planning some of these spins for a very long time, so our get-together has actually be a seriously awesome bit of motivation for me to spin through a good lot of stash fiber. Whether I take it all back home or not, I’m really stoke to be spinning it up!

  2. it sounds like you had a busy, full, and fun several days! love the happy fisherwoman photo – she is a doll. Those curls – oh my! And why not have a marshmallow roasting stick business? Someone has to make them!

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