Here A Wheel, There A Wheel

Yesterday, my friends, I got a tracking number in the mail. Not just any tracking number, but a tracking number for my new spinning wheel. I won’t lie. I’m on the edge of my seat! When I first placed my order, shipment from Schacht Spindle Company in Colorado was projected for August 9th so when I got the email yesterday from Amy at Mielke’s Fiber Arts that it was on the way I was obviously ecstatic. I was in the waiting room at the dentist’s office, but that didn’t stop me from immediately taking a screen shot of my shipping notice and texting it to everyone I know. I’m just a little excited.

While in the waiting room, I think I clicked over to the FedEx tracking page at least 6times to see if it had moved at which point I signed up for shipping updates thinking then I wouldn’t check the progress as much. That’s been a total fail. I still click on the email link at least once every couple hours to see if it’s moved. For those wondering, it’s currently near Des Moines which is I just discovered is only 5.5hours away.  I am holding out hope it’ll be zipped to my doorstep today, but I think Monday or Tuesday is more likely. A girl has got to dream though and until the moment this future wheel finds its way to my doorstep you can bet my eagle eyes will be focused on Wheel Watch 2017.

Of course, there are other things going on in the crafty life of Knitting Sarah.


This is my side table this morning and as you can see, my present wheel has been busy. Eight full bobbins ready to ply, prepped fiber ready for the wheel, a zillion random fiber tags strewn about, wheel oil, handspun socks in progress, and coffee. It’s a mess, but once I start plying it’ll clear up quickly. My giant cup of coffee from my fiber friend Anna who is also a talented potter. You can find her fabulous goodies in her Etsy shop here, but do be aware that if you love sheep, well, things could happen in her shop involving your pocketbook. I mean…


How can that not make you happy? Plus, it’s a ginormous mug, so totally perfect for me.

Oh, and I almost forgot! For the whole mess that is my side table, there is — of course — a spin on the wheel…


I’m hoping to maybe finish the singles up today so that I can begin plying tonight or tomorrow. All but one of the current spins are simple 2-ply worsted-ish weight spins, so they will go quickly once I’m set up to ply.

Oh, and there’s this other thing that happened a couple weeks ago…


A wheel from the past found its way to our home. We were perusing some local antique shops downtown and my hubby found this and had to have a look. I don’t know a ton about these types of wheel, but I checked that the wheel spins true. It does. It’s noisy, but it spins. The mister did some light haggling over the price and suddenly it was in the car, coming home.


It needs some TLC, to be sure…


The flyer spins, but bobbin is chewed up and cracked all the hooks are super bent.

img_7579-1And the orifice actually has little shims holding it in place. Other than that, though, it needs a good cleaning and few cracks in the wood need to be filled, but it’s in decent working order.


Perhaps one of the coolest aspects is that there is minimal metal involved. The vast majority of this wheel is held together solely by well-made wooden and leather fittings. There are some brads on the treadle…


And the piece that attaches the wheel…


And the hooks and orifice, but that’s it. It’s a good reminder that at their core, spinning wheels can are quite simple machines. There is a history lesson in this, a reminder that “technology” didn’t always mean screens.

In all honesty, I didn’t always see it quite so romantically. At first it really stressed me out. I’m not the best at fixing some things and I’ve never tried to fix up a spinning wheel before. In fact, I’ve never really done anything with this type of wheel before. The worry has more or less worn off though as I read and study about it and find people who can do the reconstructive work necessary. I found a home for it next to my desk where it looks quite picturesque and over the last couple weeks, this little love has melted away the worry. Whether we opt to keep it or give it a new home once it’s up & spinning, it’s definitely a sentimental project with which I think I will learn a lot. To breath life into something that’s been cast aside, to give it a second life. There’s something inherently good in that.

As you can see, it’s been wheels, wheels, wheels. Here a wheel, there a wheel, everywhere a spinning wheel at Chez Knitting Sarah lately. As my Lendrum keeps on spinning through the weekend, I’ll also be working toward boxing up the old timer’s flyer and bobbin to make their long trip to be revived. And I will spend the weekend patiently waiting for the new wheel make its way to me. That’s not true at all, of course. I’ll be following its progress like a hawk with bated breath. Oh, and FYI, it hasn’t left Iowa since I started typing.

6 thoughts on “Here A Wheel, There A Wheel”

  1. Ooh, I love this old spinning wheel. You know that I don’t spin, but this surely would have tempted me just because it’s so beautiful.

    1. You know, I don’t like to have things just for show, so it was important to me that it works. Once I saw that the wheel spun fine I knew it would end up coming home with us. It helps that Mr KS thought it was super cool, as in cooler than the new wheel coming (which is already east of Minneapolis). 😁

  2. Resisting your friend’s Etsy shop, but I just might have to visit.
    You give all new meaning to “something old/something new”! You should really try to find some enthusiasm for the new wheel! 😂 I love old things and I love that you are trying to use and restore the old wheel. It was truly cherished by someone and it needs to be again. Enjoy BOTH the old and new! BTW, any movement on FedEX? I’ll bet you haven’t checked and need the reminder…

    1. I resisted for about a year before I splurged on a mug. I love it though. I’m glad I did! I’ll admit I’m still tempted by the mugs she has with trees on them. Totally makes me think of my little northwood home. ❤

      That would have been an excellent title for this post! We'll see what it spins like, but the thinking is it could be a fun one for our daughter or a teaching tool. It makes me pretty nervous putting the $$$ into it not knowing exactly how it'll spin, but I've already learned a lot about this type of wheel which I should be able to apply to the new one.

      Speaking of which… the new wheel is currently a 2.5hour drive away in a suburb of Minneapolis. I wish I could just drive there and pick it up!

  3. I think the old wheel is beautiful – and how exciting that you found someone to fix the flyer and bobbin. Who knows this old wheel might be a plying wheel, or your daughter’s first wheel. Or Deb’s. 🙂

    As for the new wheel, I hope it is there by now! I am so excited for you. can’t wait to see it, and what you make with it. Of course, I also want to see all those pretty yarns pled that are on your table. 🙂

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