NEW Hand Dyed Yarn from Three Waters Farm + *GIVEAWAY*

You remember the photos of needles with the yarn just out of view, right?

img_6742Oh, such a tease was I! A few of you, dear readers, even teased back saying you were going to stop commenting until I shared. Well, my dear friends, today is the day. And I’m so happy to say that not only is your patience rewarded with the big reveal, but also a generous giveaway!

I consider myself very lucky to be working with Three Waters Farm for many reasons. From their fabulous customer service to quick shipping to Mary Ann’s careful, practiced, and extraordinary dyeing talents, Mary Ann & Stephen have just hit on the perfect combination of good business practices and artistic individuality. I have nothing but respect and admiration for them. And that’s why I — as Knitting Sarah — am so incredibly over-the-moon with excitement to share the “secret projects” I’ve been knitting away on over here: Three Waters Farm Hand Dyed Yarn. Yes, you read that right! Yarn!

I’ve had many of you ask about Three Waters Farm in the past and if they offer yarns in addition to fibers. For readers who aren’t spinners and have long admired the beautiful colors of Three Waters Farm that I spin up, I’m happy to say that you don’t have to admire from a distance any longer! Mary Ann has taken the special Tour de Fleece colorway for this year, Storm’s End, and re-imagined it as a Self-Striping Yarn

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

And also a Mini Skein Set

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

And from these awesome yarns I knit up a couple projects. With the Self Striping Skein…

I made these fantastic Zigzagular Socks.

And with the Mini-Skein Set…

I made these awesome striping socks based off the the Mini-Skein Toe-Up Socks and Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Simple Toe-Up socks. It’s good to note that I knit this Merino + Nylon (75/25) yarn into socks, but it’s worth nothing that it is next-to-skin soft so it’s super versatile. It would be great not only for socks, but shawls, scarves, and garments, too.

Now I’ll be back over the next couple days to share all the details of each of these projects, but I wanted to give you this first glance today because — as I mentioned before — I have a giveaway to share! To celebrate the kick off of this pre-order event, Mary Ann & Stephen have generously offered to send one lucky reader a skein of their Self-Striping Storm’s End Yarn!  To enter this giveaway, simply comment below and share what you’d love to make with this fabulous yarn. This giveaway will close Wednesday, July 19th at 9am CDT and a winner will be announced shortly after. 

This is definitely a special event so please share the word with your knitting friends! For those who just want this yarn in their hands asap (and trust me, I don’t blame you!), pre-orders are open now through Sunday, July 23rd in the Three Waters Farm Etsy shop — the listing is right here. I’ll be back tomorrow with more details, but for now I’ll just leave this right here…


34 thoughts on “NEW Hand Dyed Yarn from Three Waters Farm + *GIVEAWAY*”

  1. I think it would be neat to make Martina Behm’s Mrs Watson shawl using Storm’s End to see the resulting striping, or maybe My So-Called Favorite Scarf, my go-to for self-striping and variegated yarn.

  2. This is stunning, I’ve got in pictured in my mind in Laura Aylors Rift shawl pattern using a white or cream color yarn for the stripes in it. This yarn would do all of the hard work allowing me to just enjoy the Knit.

  3. WOW WOW WOW! You know how I love to knit socks and normally I’m not a copycat, but I’d do those Zigzagulars in a heartbeat. You also know I’m not a spinner, so I’m really excited that I can get their fiber already spun. Congrats to them. Oh, and did I say, “It’s about time you revealed?!!!” Giggling…

  4. You know I didn’t hold good on my threat to stop talking to you until you revealed, but I was seriously going crazy. I knew it would be good, and it is!!!! This yarn is yummy. I would love to make socks, but I also just found Steve West’s Spectra, and I think this would be great for that as well. Tough choice!

  5. Oh wow! I’d love to make fingerless mitts for 2 of my granddaughters who are definitely knit-worthy!

  6. That s beautiful yarn! I would knit a simple shawl that would let the colors be the focal point.

  7. I love how Storm’s End looks in your socks, TKSarah! I’d have to try making Skip to My Lou socks.

  8. Oh my! What beautiful yarn! I’d have to make a happy pair of socks, I’d like to say for my daughter but I might end up keeping them for myself!

  9. How gorgeous is this yarn!!!! Hmmm… what would I make?? Socks would be lovely. I have beautiful pattern for a shawl made with one skein of sock yarn… this might be perfect!

  10. Beautiful yarn! What to make would be a tough decision 🙂 A shawl most likely. Those socks are gorgeous!

  11. Fabulous colors! Obviously I’d make socks. A simple pattern so as not to take away from the wonderful yarn!

  12. I would knit the zigzagular socks pattern just as you did. I have had in my favorites a while and just waiting to find the right yarn to compliment both yarn and pattern.

  13. Beautiful colors! I first thought I’d make socks, but I think I’d make mittens so the colors aren’t hidden under my clothes.

  14. I think this yarn would make a fabulous pair of socks and I in a sock knitting mode right now. I’d love to have it.

  15. this happy yarn needs to be happy socks. I could see skew, or vanilla bean, or geek socks

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