8 thoughts on “Today on my spindle…”

    1. So my phone apparently decided to comment on it’s own…

      It is more than okay, it is stunningly beautiful! Your spindle spinning (and your wheel spinning) always impresses me. I do not have the patience or endurance to make my spindle spinning that fine!

      1. LOL! I read that comment and liked it. 🙂

        Thank you for your kind words! I’ll admit sometimes I wish I had the patience for heavier spindle spinning, but I don’t tend to like how heavy it starts to feel in my hands. I think that’s why I prefer to spin lighter yarns with lighter spindles. It’s very comfortable for me. It takes forever, but I’ve learned to appreciate the different pace.

  1. Wow! Beautiful! I bought a cheap spindle for my summer-crafty-bucket-list before going back to work in August! Got any quickie/simple I resources for where to start?

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