Today on my spindle…

Or will be shortly…

First time attempting to create rolags with hand cards! This is #20 or so and they are finally starting to look a little better. The plan is to spin them with my spindles during the TDF. 

13 thoughts on “Today on my spindle…”

  1. They look great! And the ones that look less so will still spin nicely I am sure. It does take a bit of getting used to!

    1. Yes, I’m sure they will spin fine, they are just not as tightly rolled and I think they will fall apart more easily. So they may not travel was well as I’d like. But I’ll manage somehow — I always do!

  2. The colors are so pretty. I’m clueless as to the process, but the rolag (I assume that’s what you call the tube of yarn? – see, told ya I’m clueless) appears to be very smooth. It will be fun to watch this turn into yarn. I’m officially intrigued.

    1. You’re right! Rolags are just a different way to prep fiber — and yes! They are basically fiber tubes. A lot of people use them for easier long draw, but I just like to spin from them with spindles because I find that they travel easily.

  3. I need to get some carding done for the TdF as well – I’ll be doing some traveling and won’t always be able to bring my wheel. That looks like a beautiful rolag, I can’t wait to see your yarn!

      1. Yes I am! I have a couple support spindles and some drop spindles. I have a tiny Turkish spindle that’s perfect for spinning in the car.

      2. I have not yet tried to spin in the car. I get motion sick very easily and I’m kind of worried that the multiple motions of driving plus spinning won’t work well for me. :/

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