Humidity, Being Sandblasted with Dirt, and Summer Knitting

I’m very happy to report that the computer is still alive. I repeat, the computer is still alive. Happy dancing all around! That feels like such a major development in my world that I need to announce it with jazz hands level excitement. ANYWAYS…

I mentioned in my last post that it was my son’s birthday over the weekend. He loves to be outdoors and be active so I did a lot of outside stuff over the weekend that I might have thought twice about if it were not his birthday. These things that taught me some important life lessons, such as if you bike next to a corn field in June in Wisconsin and the wind is blowing a steady 40mph, not only will your legs be a little sore after, but it’s also kind of like being sandblasted, but with dirt. Also, if the forest looks dark and green and it’s very humid you can’t stop walking or you will lose 75% of your blood to mosquitoes in about 9seconds. Ah, the things we do for our kids!

You have to admit it’s pretty though and if you’re wearing long sleeves, long pants, closed-toe shoes, and a hat, it’s not so bad.

These are just a few little photos from Powers Bluff County Park where we went before the thunderstorms started yesterday.

The last time we were here was on a foggy day in March, so it was very cool to see it in its summer greenery. And it was good to stretch the ‘ol legs on some quiet trails.

Because of our heating system, we don’t have central air in the new house and instead just a smaller cooling unit which happens to not be in a central location in the house, so I opted to pick up a couple fans to help move the air around. While at Menard’s after biking, freshly sandblasted with dirt and kind of boiling, I briefly considered what Mr Knitting Sarah would say if I brought this one home…

It seemed like a great idea at the time and after the 40mph winds it really seemed completely reasonable, but in the end I went with a couple smaller ones instead. That was probably a good choice, I suppose.

When not galavanting outside, I did get a little time to work on my Spring Dream Kit from Heart of the Mitten.

This really unique fabric is created while holding one strand each of Be Sweet Bamboo, Mango Moon Twist, and Be Sweet Skinny Wool together. I was a little worried about holding multiple strands together and having them turn into a huge knotted mess, but it’s been totally effortless. In fact, it’s turned out to be a super simple, highly enjoyable knit. For those interested, mine is the Raspberry colorway and I believe they’re on sale now right here. I believe I’m about halfway through the main portion currently. I don’t really travel with it just to keep it nice and neat, but it’s an awesome project to unwind with at the end of the day.

I hope you had an equally fun and exciting summer weekend. Or maybe I should hope that you had a quieter, cleaner one. Either way, I hope it was grand and that you were able to sneak in some knitting or spinning!


8 thoughts on “Humidity, Being Sandblasted with Dirt, and Summer Knitting”

  1. Love the beautiful walk, but YUK on the mosquitoes, know them all too well! I’m laughing so hard at purchasing the biggest of big fans, with a picture in my brain of you standing in front of it and your hair blowing straight out parallel to the floor and all of your furniture blowing past. πŸ˜‚ The raspberry color and the pattern of the stitch in your knitting is so pretty and interesting. Your daughter will love it!

  2. Yikes, sounds like a bit of an exhausting weekend! Reminds me of the time, many years ago now, that I helped my brother and pregnant-with-twins sister in law move into their new home, It was a hot humid July weekend, and really unbearable for my SIL. So my brother sent us off to the store with explicit instructions to buy a window unit air conditioner. Only there were none to be had anyplace, so we came home with four window box fans. They helped, but just were not the same. The only good part of that day was that in going to all the local shops, we spent several hours IN air conditioning. πŸ™‚

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