Twisters, Tumbleweeds, & Ancient Oak

It seems only fitting after the wild weather this week brought to bring you a spin inspired largely by the wind. Last year at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival I purchased some rolags and batts from one of my favorite local(ish) farms, Bumblebee Acres.

When I found the smooth spinning batt called “Twisters & Tumbleweeds,” I knew I wanted it right away, but I also knew that at 2oz I would ideally like something to ply it with. I combed through the loads of selection and came upon these rolags (of which there were actually four, I believe) called “Ancient Oak.” I’m usually not super brave with purchasing with a combo spin in mind because I’m still such a novice at seeing how colors and textures are going to blend.  This, I thought, could work.

In February, just before the whole move thing happened I got to work on spinning this hunch up…

I really adore how subtle the bat was. You can see those little tiny pops of copper here and there.

And the rolags…

Seriously, pretty drool-worthy.

I’ve been asked to go into a little more detail as to how I prep & go about spinning my handspun yarn so while I don’t have added photos of the process for this spin, I’m going to work on being a bit more technical and descriptive in the future. For this spin I can say that I really didn’t do a ton of color manipulation — I spun straight from the batt and straight from the rolags, one on each bobbin. Because of the nature of batts and rolags they are less consistent than spins that I create from top, but that is something I embrace & celebrate as the nature of batts and rolags. In any case, when I finished the singles, I just plied the two bobbins together.

And, voila! This 2-ply yarn is a fingering weight and measured 470yards before it had it’s finishing bath. I tend to lose a bit of yardage in the wash and finishing process, so I’m guessing the finished skein is in the 450yard realm. Eventually I’ll remeasure (probably… maybe).

As you can see, it’s a really soft, subtle skein colorwise. And I still adore those pops of copper. I really don’t have any idea what I want to use this one for, so it’ll head to my stash for a while as I think and dream it over. It’s very tempting to give this away because I have a lot of friends who gravitate to this palette and I think would love it. Usually that’s enough to let me happily part with it. This one though, this one is a little more near and dear to my heart. I think it’s going to stay right here with me.

13 thoughts on “Twisters, Tumbleweeds, & Ancient Oak”

  1. I love it. Though I don’t spin, I always love seeing the creativity and how these come together. This is lovely.

  2. It’s really beautiful! In the future (either near of far, no pressure!) I will love to see what you made with it!

  3. Oh, Sarah, that is gorgeous!!! Great job visualizing how they would work together. And that is a nice lot of yardage. You can do something fun with it.

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