Of Salamanders and Accidentally Buying a Car

Yesterday at about 8:15 I got a call from my husband. He had run out to pick up supplies to do a minor home repair this weekend and while he was taking what seemed to be his sweet time, I wasn’t too worried as I had some school work to tackle with the kids. When I got the call, though, he wasn’t calling from Mendard’s, he was calling from a nearby car dealership. He excitedly told me that they had a barely used version of the van/wagon we’ve been talking about for over a year and that I needed to get shoes on and get over there for a test drive. Appropriately clenched up and seriously concerned at his excitement and clear intent here, I got my shoes on and had the kids grab a book and headed over.

Long story short, we bought a new-to-us car yesterday.  To answer your questions: 1) Yes, we did just buy a house. 2) No, this was not exactly planned. 3) Yes, I was panicking. 4) No, Mr Knitting Sarah was not panicking. 5) Yes, we have tremendous luck. 6) Yes, we are probably crazy, but not because of this. It was the right car at the right price and the bottom line is it would have been foolish to have waited. So we didn’t wait.

Having the new adventure-mobile, we thought it only right that we take it on an adventure after lunch. So the kids finished up their studies and we all had a bite to eat and I grabbed by latest FO…

My Wurm hat!

(Sorry for the dark photo — I’m still learning the best places to take photos in the new house.)

I didn’t make it as slouchy as the pattern told me to, but I knit until I ran out of yarn. I used Sundara Yarn Merino Sport Two and I absolutely love everything about this hat! It’s soft and warm and fits perfectly. An excellent hat for a new adventure, to be sure!

We headed out to a highly recommended spot, Big Eau Pleine County Park. We drove through it to get the lay of the land and then hopped out for a short hike.

The trails were wide and well-maintained…

And the forest was deep and dark on this cloudy day.

But there were little pops of color…

…As the Dutchman’s Breeches were blooming.

We also had a very, very, very lucky find…

A Blue-Spotted Salamander! We’ve been trying to find salamanders for years, but have always missed that window when they are out, but it’s cold enough that you can easily find them. This little guy was adorable and must have been very cold because he was not moving much.

We also found what we’ve been told is a Red-Backed Salamander…

I honestly didn’t know that there were more than one kind in Wisconsin, but there you have it. This guy was really hard to photograph as he was very active. This photo was my husband’s handiwork as mine weren’t nearly as good. We were all over-the-moon with these guys. Maybe the new adventure-mobile will prove to be good luck!

12 thoughts on “Of Salamanders and Accidentally Buying a Car”

  1. Sometimes you just have to have faith and JUMP when the right thing comes along. The new car was just meant to be!

    I seriously LOVE the salamanders! It clearly doesn’t get cold enough in my neck of the woods for them – maybe I’ll see something cool like that when we’re in Wisconsin in September!

    I love how the hat turned out. I’m not one for slouchy hats, but I might consider that pattern now, and just make it shorter. It looks great!

    So, one full day of wonder, starting with a new car. WOO HOO!

    1. Yes! Exactly! These are the first salamanders we’ve managed to find. I’m not sure if we just weren’t looking at the right spots or it was the wrong time of year, but we can certainly look!

      I’m a big fan of the hat, too. I was already nosing around in my stash looking for more yarn to make more. It’s really comfy!

  2. wo! what fun to get a new car! I know, I got a similar call last December. 🙂 sometimes you just have to grab what life offers! love your wurm hat, it looks great on you. 🙂 I agree, that is just the right amount of slouch. Not so in love with salamanders, though – they seem like snakes with legs to me. So if you see some when we visit just don’t tell me. 🙂

    1. Will do! I like seeing snakes, too, so I won’t point those out either. Although spring and summer are much easier times to see such things anyways. 🙂

      And yes, I have to say, I love the car. It’s pretty basic as far as things go, but the seats are much more comfort for me and — like the house — it’s got more room, so all our auto adventures are more comfortable. Actually, for the first time ever our girl can really see out the windows well — lol! She is ECSTATIC.

      1. You are so cool about all those wild creatures, but the slithery ones really creep me out. However, I am aces with mice and things. 🙂

        You will wonder how you EVER went on all those long trips with camping gear, kids and dog in the old car, now that you have the luxury of space. I bet Moose is also thrilled. And so glad your daughter can really see – long trips will be much more fun for her.

      2. I’m a firm believer that anything with more than 4 legs cannot be trusted, so I’m not totally cool about wild things! We found a very large (half dollar sized) fishing spider in our sink a few days ago and I told Mr KS that we’d clearly have to abandon the house. (We’re still here)

        We are really happy with the car. My parents were just over for a visit and just being able to all ride in the same car to dinner is amazing.

      3. Spiders – ugh! When we moved into this house, we got a contract with an exterminating company. I wanted to get ahead of the spiders, etc. they cone quarterly, and nine years later, we are still pretty bug free. Not so lucky with mice, but they don’t bother me nearly as much!

      4. Yeah, Mr KS keeps trying to make me feel better by telling me facts about spider infestation and how even if that’s what we have with this type that is pretty tame. He doesn’t get that that is not helping. LOL!

        (I’m sure it’s all fine though)

  3. Wow, seems a bit early for this little guy to be out?! You are very good at finding nature while on your outings. Wish I had better luck. But, enjoy the new vehicle and investigating your new homeland.

    1. I have no idea as we’ve never found salamanders before! I think now is the time it’s easiest to find them because they are just waking up and cold enough that they aren’t very fast. 🙂

      We spend a lot of time looking for things and a lot of time not finding things in nature, but with every walk and adventure we learn a little something new and get better and knowing where to look. Keep looking and learning and your luck will change, I’m sure of it!

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