Spin, Spin, And Spin Some More

I’ve got a couple news spins to share with you today! First, a braid that I got from the ISO & Destash thread in the Three Waters Farm Ravelry Group. Called “Mown Fields,” this braid of Superfine Merino popped up just when I was feeling like my merino stash was running a little low. I was so excited to spin it, this is the lone pre-skein photo I have.

img_5861Sometimes I get a little overly excited and fail to document — there are worse things in life, I suppose.

Anyhoo, I just spun up a quick worsted 2-ply.

skein2It came out to be just around 200yards which is pretty normal for a worsted 2-ply from 4oz of fiber for me.

skeinI did add a little bit more twist than I usually do for this type of spin. I’m really excited to see how it knits up this way.

ballI think it’ll make a really, really lovely basic hat. The weather may be warm, but I wear hats almost all year round so I really can’t have too many.

The other skein I have to show you today I have slightly more photos (sheesh, I was bad at photographing the last few weeks!). This one is a special pre-order I did from Three Waters Farm. Mary Ann does special orders from time to time — sometimes as part of a special SAL, sometimes to bring back a ‘vintage’ colorway for a limited time, sometimes just because it’s a special colorway. I love them because they are always gobsmackingly brilliant.

Radicchio is no different.

img_5777You can see it here in the background as I’m prepping it (over my then current TWF knitting project).

img_5808And here as I just started spinning it. You can see why I say “gobsmackingly brilliant” now, right?!

img_5923It was really a beautiful spin and I had a little fun with how I approached the colors. I’m planning to knit it into a Winterplay shawl, so I handled the colors a little differently, adding in longer color runs here and there for variety and added interest. I think will make it fantastic.

The finished skein hit the yardage I was hoping for as it came out over 600yards.

ballIt’s really gorgeous!

detailYou’d better believe I caked this baby last night and I’ll be digging in as soon as possible!

Two more finished spins, two more are currently in-progress! No rest for this spinner, you’d better believe that!

12 thoughts on “Spin, Spin, And Spin Some More”

  1. Sarah, that radicchio is lovely! How many braids of it are there?

    The Iso/destash one is lovely as well, and I am impressed you can make worsted. πŸ™‚ Just as you warned me would happen, I have a hard time making thicker yarn now. Can’t wait to see the finished product with those two skeins. πŸ™‚

      1. On the flip side, putting in the time and practice can make one a very versatile spinner. I’m striving for that! So I may not always churn out the most perfect fingering weight, but I’m constantly working toward an overall ability. I don’t know a lot of people that approach spinning this way, but I definitely enjoy it!

  2. GOSH, those are pretty! And shame on you, the Winterplay Shawl went right into my Rav basket – I had gotten it down to 18 patterns, and now it’s back up to 19, thank you very much!!!

  3. Every time I see a spinning entry from anybody I want to learn how to spin. I love the twist on the “extra more twist” you put on the skein. If I’m ever luck enough to retire some dayt I’m learning to spin!

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