Inspired by Women

My kids love Star Wars. We don’t go to the theater for movies very often, but when a new movie in the Star Wars franchise comes out we go. It’s a big deal for us partly because it’s Star Wars and partly because we go all out — popcorn, soda, candy, just the works. It’s been a while since The Force Awakens came out, but it was such a hit with my kids that not only did we see it in the theater we also went to a screening at our local library when the DVD came out and then we got it to watch at home.

I enjoyed more than just the cheese-infused movie theater popcorn, too. I don’t know half the back story info that my kids do, but I think the movies are fun. The very first movie of any kind I remember seeing in the theater is The Return of the Jedi, so there is definitely nostalgic for me there (a fact I’m sure is not lost on the good people making these movies). And it might be a little trite, but especially with a fiery daughter in my house I appreciate positive strong female role models. Rey from The Force Awakens is just that. Not unlike the Princess Leia of my day, she’s strong and tough and and kind takes care of herself. It’s hard not to like her.

A while after the movie came out, I noticed Kemper at Junkyarn had a colorway named after Rey. Junkyarn had hit my radar sometime last year, I’m not quite sure how anymore. I do know that I was a little weary and the idea of hand dyed yarn inspired by women had me captivated. It still does, in fact. In any case, I ordered a skein of ‘Rey’ and last month I cast on.

 img_5721I started it to take on vacation last month, knowing full well a vanilla sock is just about the best project for me when on vacation.

img_5847-1The first sock was finished up within a couple days…

img_5806And along the way I just really fell in love with the whole Junkyarn color and dyeing style. And I finished these beauties just a couple days ago…

toeAren’t they so much fun?!

heelI love the bright pops of color and the short runs of sandy brown. It’s kind of like the color-poem of the Rey character.

reyThey are so unique and were so much fun to watch unfold before my eyes.

This was my first foray with Junkyarn and I’m confident when I say it won’t be my last. I have a skein of ‘Drew‘ here and there may be a Leslie Knope inspired skein headed my direction soon, too. (Really, I don’t know how I’m supposed to resist anything Parks & Rec related? But I digress on that point.) Clearly, I’ve been impressed with not only the dyeing, but also the yarn bases offered — it’s always such a treat when things come together like that, isn’t it? In any case, being inspired by women is nothing new for me, but I certainly like that now my yarn can be, too.

4 thoughts on “Inspired by Women”

  1. Love these! We are Star Wars fans too and saw the new one days after it came out. I love that they have strong women examples, but mostly I just love the adventure and excitement!

  2. I’m in love with that colorway! I hope Junkyard restocks their store soon, I’d love to support them.

    I was raised a Star Wars kid – my dad and my mom’s brothers have very strong, wonderful memories of the original movies coming out, so we watched them all the time. Even as a very little girl I was so attached and attracted to Leia as someone I would want to be like when I grew up (and then as I grew up, to Carrie herself). It’s been really interesting to see how one franchise has connected so many people.

    1. From what I’ve seen, she tends to often restock in small batches and do pre-orders, so keep your eyes peeled. If you have Instagram, that’s a pretty easy way to keep up with it.

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