Camellia Forest

Another installment of the Three Waters Farm Top of the Month Club? Yes, indeed!

                                       Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

Camellia Forest arrived on my doorstep on December 27th and it went onto my wheel immediately.

img_5578Fresh off of knitting the same kind of Ultrafine Merino into a hat for my husband, I just couldn’t wait to spin myself another 2-ply worsted weight skein of it.

img_5580-1I finished the singles by the morning of the 28th and plied it later that day. Because I just couldn’t wait.

The finished skein is everything I hoped.

skeinI didn’t measure it, but I’m assuming based on experience that it’s in the 175-200yard range.

detailIt’s squishy and absolutely amazing. I’ve even wound it already! I’m thinking of knitting it up into some basic sleeves to brighten up the rest of my winter here. Something like Toast, maybe? I won’t get to it right away, but that’s kind of what I’m thinking… although I may add a little ribbing so that it doesn’t curl as much… I’ll have to think on it a bit.

And this, my friends, is my last from the club for now. Believe it or not, since joining I’ve spun every installment except for October’s which is waiting patiently for me to get crackin’ on it as part of a 4-braid, 16oz project — 8oz of the colorway and 8oz of it’s coordinate. I think will make a lovely weaving project someday soon. In any case, I’m pretty pleased with how much use I’ve gotten out of this club. I’ve taken part in a number of fiber and yarn clubs over the years and this is the first I’ve truly kept up with. It’s been a large part of keeping me spinning the past year and I’ve learned so much about different fibers, blends, and color handling. I can’t wait to keep on going with it!

6 thoughts on “Camellia Forest”

  1. it is really beautiful and since I am receiving the same TWF braids as you, I want to say that you are motivating me to be a faster, more consistent spinner and it is great to be able to compare my finished skeins to yours. Thanks

    1. Ooh! I love that! I have plenty of extra stash accumulating, but I really love always spinning up the TOMC. It’s nice having that standard goal every month. ☺

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