Winter Fancy

To continue the story of the Three Waters Farm Top of the Month Club, today I’m sharing December’s installment, Winter Fancy. This month’s fiber story includes a little twist. Somewhere in the fall, I switched from the silk blend version of the club to the non-blend, all wool version. Because I live in such a seasonal place, I thought it would be fun to enjoy the silk blends during the warmer months and the all wool fibers during the cold months. When my December braid of Winter Fancy arrived in its 100% Finn incarnation, I liked it a lot.

                      Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

Then two things happened. First, I logged on to the Three Waters Farm Ravelry group and a dear online spinning friend was truly in love with this colorway and had a dream of spinning it into socks. I contacted her and sent it her way. I knew she loved it more than I did and it just felt right. And then I saw someone spin up the Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk 50/25/25 blend and it kind of bowled me over.

Photo courtesy of Three Waters Farm

I mean, they are the same colorway on a different base. What can I say? Sometimes one just speaks to you. I ordered one braid of the blend thinking I would spin it into some lightweight goodness and if my mom liked it — they are really pretty colors on her — I would give it to her. If not, I was curious enough to see how this blend would spin and kind of crushing on the watercolor-y effect of the blend on the colorway.

img_5651I opted to break the spin up into a fractal spin and used my Very Fast Flyer to whip it into a 2-ply. I really and truly loved the blend. I’d spent a lot of spinning time avoiding bamboo blends for some unknown reason, but I will be doing that no longer! It really spun so smoothly & nicely!

winter-fancy-skeinAnd the final skein is so subtle — almost like a neutral with just a kiss of lavender.

winter-fancy-detOur horrible natural light does not do it justice, but trust me when I say this is a truly stunning, understated beauty in all its 450yards of light fingering weight glory.

I haven’t yet consulted with my dear mom to see if she’s interested in this one. I was thinking it might be nice to gift it to her with a copy of the Hitchhiker Beyond pattern. I know my mom really enjoyed the original Hitchhiker and this might just be a fun something new for her. However this skein is ultimately used, I love that the unexpected twist in this story proved to elicit just the absolute perfect outcome. I just love it when that happens!

8 thoughts on “Winter Fancy”

  1. Wow, the final skein is so unexpected! Very pretty though.
    I’m going to take my first ever spinning class next week, and I got myself a gorgeous Three Water Farm braid on the merino/bamboo/tussah base. Hope it works well enough for a beginning because I desperately want to knit something with the colors it has in it! It’s the Frosted Daybreak color.

    1. I have been ogling that colorway SO MUCH. I would love to spin it and knit it into a little summer weight shrug.

      In any case, it might be a little slick for a first spin but it might also be very easy for you – every beginner’s preferences are different. Enjoy & best of luck!

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