The Legacy Yarn Club: “Touch the West”

You know that my family and I are always up for a good adventure in our nation’s West. While we sadly had to cancel our latest trip into the sunset earlier this month, it seemed a little like fate when I got a message last week asking if I’d like to take part in Mountain Meadow Wool‘s Legacy Yarn Club. I hadn’t heard of this place, so I immediately hopped to their website to do a little research.

I discovered that Mountain Meadow Mill is a full service woolen mill located below the Bighorn Mountains of Western Wyoming. Opened to help preserve the small ranches that were struggling to survive in Wyoming, this mill is founded on the principles of fair payment for ranchers and eco-friendly, sustainable practices that serve their mission to keep the rich history of ranching alive and well in Wyoming.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Meadow Wool.

Since I’ve been leaning more and more toward handspinning and using my own handspun yarns, it should be a clear indicator that in signing up to be part of their yarn club, I think this place is pretty special. So what makes this place different? What makes Mountain Meadow Wool special? Let me tell you what sparked my interest.

Did you know?

  • Ranching in Wyoming is rooted in Basque shepherds originating in France and Spain who migrated to the West over 100years ago
  • Each skein of Mountain Meadow Wool can be traced back to a local ranch
  • Mountain Meadow Wool Mill recycles 50% of the water used during scouring
  • This mill uses “100% bio-degradable soaps” and only “non-petroleum spinning oil”
  • With a reputation for custom blending & spinning, Mountain Meadow Wool Mill has worked with both Madelinetosh and Brooklyn Tweed to create some of our favorite yarns

In fact, I didn’t even know it, but they are the mill behind yarn I have in my own home!


Yes, these skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Plains are actually a collaboration between BT’s Jared Flood and Mountain Meadow Wool Mill.  I can give a first hand account that this is some pretty incredible yarn so I truly cannot wait to see what beauties are headed my way in the club!

So now let me take a few moments to tell you a little about the Legacy Yarn Club.

There are three themes this year for your club shipments: Breed Roundup, Taste of the Exotic, and Mountain Merino — you can read more about each theme on the yarn club page here. Each shipment will include TWO yarns and TWO patterns. You can also choose between two different “plans” — you can sign-up for 6 shipments OR you can sign-up for 3 shipments. It’s also worth noting that there are options to pay up front (and receive free shipping) or on a monthly basis. The club packages will ship in February, April, June, August, October, and December of this year. Please note that sign-ups for the full year (6 shipments) will close on January 3oth, so don’t delay if you’d like to take advantage of that offer!

If you’re in the same boat as me, dreaming of the big beautiful West and wanting to support our nation’s small ranchers and eco-friendly processing, maybe you’d like to tag along and give this club a try with me. I know I cannot wait for the first shipment to arrive in February!

4 thoughts on “The Legacy Yarn Club: “Touch the West””

  1. How cool! I’ll certainly check them out. I need more yarn like I need a hole in my head, but I can never resist American made, high quality and unusual. Thanks for the scoop.

  2. I am currently knitting a fair isle sweater in Mountain Meadow’s Powell, but I didn’t know they were behind Plains too! The Powell has been lovely to work with so far, and it makes me even happier to know their commitment to sustainable practices!

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