The 5 Hats of Christmas

About this time last month, I’d finished my holiday knitting and did really want to start a spinning project knowing it would be interrupted with all the hub-bub of the company & Christmas. I was left with the question, “What should I do with my hands?” I decided to knit up a hat for my daughter. Wanting to treat myself to using some of my handspun stash, I grabbed this skein of Dyeabolical Rainbow Vista

detail-2And I printed off a copy of Hannah Fettig’s Simple Beret and went to work.

And within a day…


sunset-vista-detIt was really just such a fun knit I couldn’t put it down.

sunset-vista-det-2Bright and cheerful…

img_5613And just perfect for my girl. I gave it to her and I swear she didn’t take it off for 2 days.

With such a success on my hands and wanting to be fair, I started a project for my son. I grabbed this skein from the shelf, Mountain Colors Targhee Top in the Trading Post colorway.

targhee3I spun it up a while back and had though I’d knit something for my mom with it, but instead it wound up being destined to become a hat for my boy.

mm-hatIt turned out really, really beautiful. I used another Hannah Fettig pattern, the Simple Hat.

mm-detAnd it’s knit at a somewhat tight gauge so it’s super warm. Unfortunately, my boy doesn’t seem to interested in it as he favors his plain black hat that was a freebie with some ice fishing gear we bought. I don’t mind, it’ll just go in the family hats stack for whomever to use when it’s needed. You can never have too many back-up hats in Wisconsin!

In any case, having finished this one on the 23rd, I was pretty sure I needed to then knit a hat for my hubby, too. He is by far the fussiest in the family about what colors he’ll wear, so I wound my carefully selected for him skein of “Rattlesnake” from Three Waters Farm.rattlesnakeIt is a truly beautiful neutral full of the richest browns and slate blue/greys.

img_5556I started a Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Boyfriend Watch Cap in the wee hours of Christmas Eve…

And finished just in time to leave the cookies out for Santa.

I couldn’t get the mister to model, but my girl was willing.

I just love the colors.

And then it was time to knit a hat for myself. img_3997This was my skein of choice, Three Waters Farm‘s Stolen by Bandits colorway in a Polwarth + Silk blend.

stolen-by-bandits-det-2I chose the Simple Beret for my hat, too — what can I say? I love the pattern!

stolen-by-banditsAnd I love how it turned out.

stolen-by-bandits-detIt’s slouchy and soft and cozy and colorful.

And as soon as I finished this one, I grabbed the skein of Dyeabolical Id Squishy Sport and cast-on one of my all-time favorite hat patterns, Alana Dakos’ Sprig Cloche.

img_5587I have one in a wheat-like color that I wear constantly and I kind of wanted a back-up in a green or blue. This deep, emerald green (which I believe it now retired), fit the bill. And while I don’t have a ton of photos of this one finished, I do have one of it in its new most common location…

img_5614Atop my head!

These projects were the perfect fit for this busy time of year. Quick and easy and instantly usable. So apparently, the answer to the question, “What should I do with my hands?” around the holidays is simple: Knit hats!

20 responses to “The 5 Hats of Christmas

  1. My goodness, you were a busy girl! All of the colors are SO yummy. Love that you made a hat for Hubby out of “Rattlesnake”. We all know he’s not a snake! Love the colors all around and the fact that you hand spin them continues to amaze. You Rock!

    • He’s not a snake, but he LOVES the Badlands where rattlesnakes abound. 😉

      I won’t lie, it was a pretty big treat for me to knit with my handspun. I plan to do a lot more of that this year!

    • I know, right? I have to admit, I also kind of loved that they were ‘gifts’, but not wrapped or anything. I made the holiday my deadline, but I left out the wrapping. It was kind of nice to give some under the radar gifts, too. 🙂

    • I wear a lot of neutrals — all my ready-to-wear purchased wardrobe is basically navy, black, grey, and white, so I tend to lean toward brighter colors for my handknits and handsewn clothes. I have to say, I like it that way!

  2. All are awesome but no photo of your husband’s finished hat? He doesn’t need to model it….

  3. 😲👏👏 wow! Such beautiful yarn and great hats. The yarn has been so carefully plied ❤️. I love a handspun project. 👏

  4. Wow! They all turned out beautiful. When it comes to kids, go figure. My granddaughter refused to wear most of my knits when she was younger.

    • My son really loves and appreciates his knitted items. He just has his hat that he loves. I guarantee that if I knit a plain black ribbed one (like I made for my hubby a few years back), he’d wear it. He loves red, but for whatever reason he LOVES his black hat. That’s cool. 🙂

  5. I love that you made all those hats so fast and from handspun! You really made a dent in the stash with these projects. I can see why you spent your staycation spinning to restock. 🙂

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