Socks with Sarah, a KAL for 2017

First and foremost, I’d like to wish everyone reading a very, very

Happy New Year!

Three years ago today almost on a whim I launched a knitalong which I coined Socks with Sarah. The whole idea behind it was to take a year and focus on knitting socks. My handknit sock drawer was empty and I desperately wanted to fill it. Goals were completely open to personal interpretation, but the general idea was to knit on socks every day. Basically it was just applying the old maxim, “a little goes a long way,” to sock knitting. It ended up being an amazing year with far more knitters participating than I ever dreamed possible. I ended up making a lot of wonderful knitting friends and knitting a whole lot of socks.

Fast forward to a month or so ago when I shared here on the blog a pair of socks that I’d finished and how Socks with Sarah was kind of living on sporadically in my knitting life. And someone asked, “Could we do that knitalong again?”

And I thought, “Why not?”

So today, I’m officially launching Socks with Sarah 2017 — hooray!

This reprise will be a little more laid-back than the earlier version. We’ve had some conversations in the Friends of Knitting Sarah Ravelry Group about what knitters would like it to be and the consensus was far and away that there was much more desire for more of a gathering space to knit socks together than providing challenges or goals of knitting loads and loads of socks. Since many of our sock drawers are still pretty full from the last time around, the idea was more to try some new patterns, knit up some stash or fun new yarn, and just to take up the cause of knitting socks once again because, let’s be honest, it’s really fun!

One thing that hasn’t changed is that this knitalong is open to first-time and veteran sock knitters alike. All of my tutorials for the Churchmouse Yarns & Teas Basic Sock pattern are still available on YouTube here making it nice & easy to knit your first socks as I guide you through all the transitions from the cast-on to kitchener stitch. And, of course, we’ll be meeting in our happy little ravelry group right here sharing, cheering each other on, troubleshooting, and just enjoying the company of other sock knitters. Instagram users can feel free to use the same tag as last time, #sockswithsarah, too!

I’ve started my first pair of socks for 2017….

img_5601Will you join in the fun?

17 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah, a KAL for 2017”

    1. I know, right?! I could be wrong, but I think this colorway is retired. It’s from Nomadic Yarns on Etsy though and she has a lot of good colorways to choose from. ☺

  1. I just watched your Kitchener demo and am saving the link. I’ve done Kitchener a hundred times, but always manage to get ‘off’ somewhere. I’m going to following a along with this video next time! BTW, love the yarn.

  2. What a great idea! I am a newbie knitter (I’ve known how to knit for a long time, just never really have so not done much) and have just knit my first sock. Knitting a little bit each day sounds like fun! Now to start on me second sock. 🙂

    1. It’s from Nomadic Yarns (on Etsy, she’s been in vacation mode, but should be back online sometime this week I think). The colorway is “I’ve Always Wanted to be a Tenenbaum” – it might be a retired colorway, but I’m not sure. She always has plenty of good skeins to choose from though!

  3. I am a new knitter and declared 2017 to be all about the sock! So I’ll join the Ravelry group and use the # hash tag on IG. Happy to have found you.

  4. I am definitely in! My sock drawer is pretty empty, and I would like to be more proficient at knitting socks. It takes me forever to knit a pair! Maybe this will help me blog more too…I would like to improve my writing. And I didn’t know that you had a Rav group!

    1. The Rav group is not super active, but it’s full of some of the nicest knitters around. ☺ And I have to ask, have you considered doing a couple pairs of sport weight socks to get into a good rhythm? Sometimes if I feel bogged down with fingering I switch things up with a sport weight pair. They are so much faster and let you practice those transition spots for frequently to get more comfortable with them.

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