The Quiet Moments

The title says it all, my friends, I have been a busy little elf.

We’ve finished the bulk of our gift buying and wrapping. It’s been a holiday movie watching, birthday celebrating (happy birthday to Mr Knitting Sarah!), Christmas lights perpetually on kind of couple of weeks. We’ve been saving the baking for this week when we plan to give the kiddos a couple half days of normal studies in school complimented by afternoons full of some intense home economics lessons in holiday preparation. I’ve been tidying the house up though in fits and spurts and we’ve had a couple big snowfalls that have had me busily shoveling our sidewalks.

And there’s been this…

img_5506Shhhhhh…. don’t tell. It might be a gift.

And this…

img_5512Mr Knitting Sarah graciously allowed me to size them to his feet just in case I should find someone with his exact foot size to give these to. I’m on the foot of sock number 2, so I’m very happy and relieved that barring disaster they will be done in time for the big holiday. You know, in case I should find someone to give them to with the exact same size foot as Mr Knitting Sarah.

And to celebrate the knowledge that they’d be done on time and to keep myself from doing too much of one thing, I started a new spinning project.

img_5515I’ve been sneaking in a few minutes in the early morning before the kids wake. Watching the sun come up and spinning is one of my favorite things in life.

img_5521And this colorway, Stone House by Three Waters Farm on BFL, has been the perfect subdued colorway to be spinning. I have 8oz which I plan to spin into a 2-ply fractal and then knit during the Three Waters Farm Susan Ashcroft SAL + KAL in January & February. The plan is to knit it into Light Relief. I think it’ll be lovely. It certainly helps motivate me as this braid is absolutely made up of  some of my favorite colors.

And that, my friends, has been my week. With the upcoming holiday and my own birthday looming on the horizon along with the new year, I’ve been in my own head quite a bit. Looking back, looking forward, and thinking about changes I’d like to make and things I’d like to prioritize and make happen in the next year. I’ll share more about that next week, but for now, I just wanted to pop in, share some of my holiday progress and let you know I’m hoping that you are all having a wonderful season, that you’re enjoying time with friends and family, and that you’re finding bits of quiet time to watch the sun rise and spin or knit away to some holiday tunes. Even if just for a few moments, those moments to reflect are wonderful for the soul.

Just ask Moose…

img_5518If anyone were to be labeled an expert, it could certainly be him. He definitely understands the importance of quiet moments.

16 thoughts on “The Quiet Moments”

      1. You poooooor dear – whatever will you do next? WHAT?! Bet you’ll think of something – wink, wink…

      2. LMAO! I do have pink fiber that I could spin into bulky and whip up. I didn’t though (believe it or not) — but I did whip up a few hats and work on my Stone House spinning project. 🙂

  1. Love the scarf you wove. What did you use. I took my first class for weaving a couple a months ago.
    Also live sweet Moose!

    1. I used a couple skeins of stash yarn (Northbound Knitting & Sparkleduck) – both silk blends and I wove them on my Ashford Knitters Loom. The edges could be more perfect, but for my second project I’m very happy.

      And I love him, too! Clearly I have no qualms about sharing loads of pictures of the big lug!

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