A Winter Wonderland

When there is a big snow headed our way, a lot of things happen. Most people go out and buy milk, white bread, and eggs. I do not know why, but I assure you it happens. We make sure our winter gear is ready to go. Shovels get dusted off and those with snow blowers fire them up to make sure they’re in good working order. We fill up gas tanks on our cars and if we have to travel we make sure our emergency bags are properly packed and in the trunk.

And then we wait.

While we waited, I prepped and worked on a gift. I won’t divulge any information until after the holiday, but I will share a single photo of it.

img_5433I just love this photo for so many reasons. I’m not quite finished with this project, but I’m close.

Sunday morning we awoke to four or 5 inches of fresh snow. We had a quiet morning while we waited for the plows to get out and clear the roads. I worked on my brioche project a bit…

img_5461It’s enormous and I’ve convinced myself to abandon the actual sizing and just go until I’m out of the main color. I think I’ve got a couple repeats left to go. This one has been so long in the making that I absolutely cannot wait to finish.

And of course, because we are who we are, when afternoon rolled around and we headed outside.

img_5462Does it get prettier this time of year? It’s very grey out because it was still snowing at the time.

I walked.


Moose “snurfed.”

img_5482Β “Snurf” is the word we use to describe what he does when he runs through snow because it looks like he’s “snow surfing.” I did not get any actual snurfing pictures, but suffice to say he was…

img_5480Delighted with the state of the world.

Someone wound up a little off trail…


And my boy found…

img_5465A spider walking across the snow. Later identified as a Pirate Wolf Spider, they are know for being particularly hardy.

We rounded out the afternoon by letting the kiddos sled at our local sledding hill for a while with the mister and I chatted in the warm car. We came home to hot cocoa and had a little pizza party. What a fantastic winter wonderland-y day!

We don’t have more snow on the immediate horizon, but we do have a very cold snap headed our way.

img_5483You can bet I’m already making my plans.

25 thoughts on “A Winter Wonderland”

  1. I hear you on the brioche – it is a beautiful knit you are making, but sometimes you just want it DONE!

    Snow days sounds perfect! And WHY do people think they need those crazy supplies because it is going to snow – you forgot to mention toilet paper, bottled water and batteries, which also disappear from shelves around here when it snows. Do they think there will be no more toilet paper after the storm? Do they not stock up a bit for winter in general, so they can handle a day or two away from the stores? It seems not.

    We are getting all that snow (with a mix of sleet and rain at the end) today – nasty messy driving, but oh so pretty.

    1. Exactly!

      I have no idea what gets into people. I know someone who was in the path of a hurricane and prepared by buying bottled water and cheeseballs. πŸ™‚ People are never boring! We tend to shop sales, so we usually have a weird mix of extras and random odd bits. Although we are low on toilet paper at the moment…

      We had loads of snow and now we’re just bundling up for an arctic blast. For a good long while. Have I mentioned lately that I love my new furnace?

      1. SO glad you got that furnace when you did! We will get that Arctic blast on Thursday night, I think, for a few days. Not looking forward to having to go to work Friday morning! We did not get a lot of snow with the last storm, maybe 4-5 inches, then rainy junk, so it was slop and then if froze. I would just as soon have plain snow, in case anyone is asking. πŸ™‚

        I am willing to bet that if you could not go out for a few days, your family would be OK. And that you will get the TP next time you are out, lol. We do buy that in bulk, but it is about the only thing we buy that way – we have a little pantry with some soups and odd cans, and that would see us through if things got really bad and the fridge was empty.

      2. Wow! That bitter cold is due here starting tonight, and Friday is supposed to be brutal, especially up north where it might not get to 0 and the whole state has projected windchills in the negative 30’s. But now big snow in the forecast, just showers and light snow as the fronts blast through. Yes, Winter is here, a few weeks early! brrrrr. Gotta go knit. πŸ™‚

      3. I know you will. I like it cool -below freezing is fine, but clear. πŸ™‚ Or, stay cold and snow, not do this roller coaster thing we have going. The rain on Sunday was just weird, and now we have ice everywhere because, of course it is cold again!

      4. it is crazy! we had rain Christmas eve, then everything froze solid. tonight we are getting some of everything. luckily it will be above freezing for a few days, maybe the ice will melt… then we can start over again.

  2. It’s beautiful. Being a Texas girl, I’d only want to visit – I’m clueless when it comes to snow “stuff”, but love that you and your family (especially Moose!) enjoyed it so much. And what’s with that spider? Doesn’t he/she know it’s cold? It was really “cool”! Glad you had such a swell day. Hurry up and finish the shawl so we can see it!

    1. I am currently binding off — I should finish tonight barring any weird things popping up. I may or may not block it — it may just go into immediate circulation. πŸ™‚

      As for snow “stuff,” it’s pretty easy — good boots, warm hat, and good coat and ALL the woolies.

      And that spider? Yeah, that dude was the essence of a tough guy, I think!

      1. Well, just be safe out there. Glad you have the new furnace and lots of fiber! (OH, and maybe cheese balls?? :))

      2. Woke up to 4F today — how does that sound? LOL! Unfortunately/fortunately no cheese balls in the house, but hubby has promised to come home tonight bearing more toilet paper. πŸ˜€

      3. We woke up to -10F this morning. πŸ˜‰ And yet I ran the trash can to the curb in sandals (which I had on from exercising) and capri pants. You can bet I ran a lot faster than usual!

  3. I will have to let my brother know there is an actual name for what his dog does in the snow. He has a Black Lab/ Shepherd mix named Luka. Luka loves the snow much like Moose does.

    I will be excited on Friday and Saturday when we get to 25 degrees. It will feel downright balmy 🌴after the next couple days. Right now 8 degrees (-9 with the windchill), which means it is probably colder where you are. They keep saying it is warmer by the lake in the winter. πŸ˜‰

    Winter is definitely here! ❀❄ I don’t mind the cold. Though, it does help if there isn’t a biting, stiff wind. Time to get outdoors and enjoy another beautiful season in WI!

    More snow soon. Enjoy your cozy, new furnace! More cold after the snow.

    1. I grew up “by the lake” and can attest to the fact that you always have more moderate temps there — cooler in summer, warmer in winter. I’m indeed enjoying the snow, BUT I will be a bit happier when temps are back above zero. The kiddos get cold awfully fast when we go subzero!

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