Destined For My Girl

There are just some colorways that beckon to be spun for a certain someone. For me, from the moment I saw Dyeabolical‘s Rainbow Vista, I saw something for my daughter.unnamedSorry for the tiny photo — it’s the only one I can find of the braid before I spun it! In any case, it’s the one in the front on the right. Bright & cheerful, I saw a fun winter hat and ordered it on the 100% Targhee base.

When I awoke this weekend to our very first dusting of snow, I knew it was time to spin this braid.

img_5265-1I mean, how does it get any better for a cold, snowy day?

As I’m practicing for another bigger scale worsted weight spin, that’s exactly how I spun this one. Spinning sport weight is pretty much my default, so fingering or worsted are always kind of like stretching before a run — it feels good, but it’s not exactly comfortable in the first few moments. I used my control card though to be sure I’d stay on target and went for it. It was just the happiest, brightest spin. I spun the singles on and off during one day and then let them rest overnight before plying the following morning.

img_5273I was a little worried with the level of saturation in these colors that there would be some bleeding so I ran out to pick up some white vinegar (somehow I was out…) to help set the colors in the wash just in case. Nine times out of ten with the dyers I use bleeding is not a problem, but sometimes the extra precaution — whether necessary or not — is worth it for my own piece of mind. I’m happy to report there was no bleeding, no problem. And the finished skein is…

skeinPretty much spectacular.

detail-2Bright and fun and more or less 200 yards of worsted weight yarn.

rainbow-detailMy daughter’s been lobbying hard to weave with this skein. I might let her have it… or I might go ahead with my original plan. Try as I might to envision it woven, I still see a simple little knitted hat. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see which way this one goes, but regardless of what it becomes unlike so many things I spin and knit that just sort of find their way to my girl, it’s pretty indisputable that this skein is and always has been destined for my girl is one form or another.

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    1. True! Thankfully our heads are close enough in size now that we can share. A couple days ago she claimed my new Bijou Basin hat that I made a couple months ago. LOL!

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