Socks With Sarah Lives On

It seems like forever ago that a group of humble group of knitters agreed to knitalong with me in the Socks with Sarah KAL. I made so many wonderful connections that year and we knit a lot of socks. Personally I finished the year with 26pairs knitted and two years later, with such a robust rotation, I haven’t had to retire any. So I don’t really need to knit socks. Still, there are times when I just want to knit socks. Sometimes I knit them for my daughter or my mother-in-law. Occasionally I’ll knit up a pair for my son.  Once in a blue moon my husband OKs a pair for him. And sometimes I just knit up spares for myself and tuck them into my cedar chest. I figure one day I’ll need them or someone with the same size feet as me will just get lucky.

And thus, one day this fall, I just started knitting a pair of socks.

img_4722Partly to try out my Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina 9″ circular needles, partly because you just can’t deny that a good sock knit is so easy and travels so well.

img_5125And I just knit away. In the evenings, here and there during the school day — whenever I had a moment.

And then one day I discovered I was at the toe of the first sock. And then before I knew it I was at the toe of the second.

img_5175And today, I’m done.

socksFrom all the in-between moments, this pair of socks was born.

toesAs you can see, they aren’t matching. They are off by one color repeat and I kind of love them for it.both-socksYou can see the differences easiest in this photo. I think it’s kind of optical-illusion-esque and a million kinds of fun.

These are knit with String Theory Colorworks‘ Orbit yarn in the ETA Carinae colorway. I believe this was from one of the sock club shipments back when I was in the sock club (which was very fun!). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is one of my favorite sport weight yarns for socks and I have a little stash of it that I’m hoarding to attest to that fact.

So there you go! Socks with Sarah may not be in full swing like it was a couple years ago, but it lives on in a pair here and a pair there, from my needles and the needles of fellow sock knitters. Knit on, sock knitters!

16 thoughts on “Socks With Sarah Lives On”

  1. These really turned out cute. You know I’m a fellow sock knitter and and up for any time you want to start a new club! 🙂

  2. those look like fun socks, and you are right, they look better together for not matching!

    I also wound up knitting 26 pairs that year, and gave some away, meaning that there are a few color gaps in my sock wardrobe. I have been keeping an eye out for the right red sock yarn, as my red socks felted and so were given to the youngest niece. 🙂 So I am with Kendknitter, if you ever want to do it again, just give a holler! I might not do 26 pairs, but I definitely have a few in mind to do. And I have some dark blue Caper Sock from the other String Theory folks…should get out of the stash and onto my feet!

    1. I think we’ll have to talk about this in the group. I’m totally game, but I would want to set it up in a way that everyone is happy with the parameters. 🙂 I’m thinking pretty wide open & casual, but we can talk it out.

      I have a skein of Sweet Gerogia CashLuxe Fine in China Doll that has been waiting FOREVER to become socks. I would highly recommend Tanis Fiber Arts Poppy — it’s probably my favorite red yarn in the world. The Blue Label Fingering is great for socks. 😉

      1. I think however people want to do it works for me – you are the one who gets all the work! And I suspect you already have a plan for 2017…

        Thanks for the tip on the red yarn, I will check it out. 🙂

      1. I know the feeling – I love that yarn, and have had my skein in plain view for months now, but have not knit a stitch because then I won’t have it anymore. 🙂

  3. I love the yarn! I usually only knit a few pairs of socks a year, but aren’t they just so satisfying? Also, what did you think of the 9 inch circulars? I’ve been thinking of trying them!

    1. They are! I especially love how portable they are and there is something about the mindless, meditative knitting of vanilla socks that is so soothing.

      I like 9″ circs. They are a fun break from DPNs. They are a little bit better for travel, I think, than DPNs just because there are fewer pokey ends to contend. They take a little getting used to, but they are pretty comfortable & speedy once you get going with them. The downside is you have to switch to magic loop or dpns for heels, but that can be avoided with an afterthought heel. 🙂

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