Innovations I’ve Never Imagined

I get to try a lot of cool things in the fiber arts world. And that there, my friends, might be the understatement of the century.

In any case, today I wanted to share a little very early prototype that I’ve been playing with the last month or so. From the creative and innovative brilliance over at Akerworks, this device is currently called a ‘spindle crane.’


You might be thinking, “Um, what?”

on-kateWell, let me tell you! This simple little pulley acts like a little extension — or crane — off the AkerKate and it lets you to spindle spin from different positions or in smaller spaces.

Why would this be useful, you ask? Well, personally I have a very limited range of motion in my left hip — my hip doesn’t actually bend to a 90° angle let alone allow me to lean forward in order to, for example, spindle spin while sitting on my couch. If I wanted to spindle spin in our living room I’ve always had to get up and move a stool or kitchen chair into the living room. Now with the spindle crane…

in-actionI just set it up on the table next to the couch where I’m sitting and I can spin from a comfortable position — no special chair necessary! I know the idea was originally to put the crane on a coffee table in front of you, but it works great from the side — no worries, whatsoever and absolutely great news for me.

As I said, this item is in the very, very early prototype stage. In the Akerworks Ravelry Group, the Akerworks folks have said that in due course they’ll get it into a full & proper test phase. They’re working on it and I for one am more than happy to give them the time and space to work their magic on this genius design. From their Flat-Pack Bobbins to their Flat Pack LazyKate to their fantastic Modular Adjustable Spindles to the adorable little Flyer Threaders, just when I think the Akerworks team has outdone themselves, they wow me again. The spindle crane is another in a long line of innovations that I never imagined, but now that I’ve tried it I’m glad I don’t have to imagine life without it.