The Prettiest Detours

Usually when I prep fiber and get it on the wheel, I’ve thought about it a fair bit and carefully selected the braids from my stash. Not always, but usually. It just so happened a few weeks ago, though, that a new-to-spinning friend was over and I was trying to explain a few different options for color handling in fiber prep. Knowing that I’m kind of terrible unless I have an example in my hands, I grabbed my braid of Stand of Trees from Three Waters Farm which happened to be sitting on top of my fiber stash.

img_4444I pulled it out and started to pull it apart, but quickly realized the color transitions were a little too subtle to let me make my point (but wowie on those blues!).

So I pulled out my braid of Black Pansies, also from Three Waters Farm…

img_4445And I started to demonstrate how to break things up for barberpoling. This braid worked much better for the demo!

In any case, having opened both braids rather than the other plans I had for spinning, I figured I should just go ahead and spin these up rather than try to store them neatly again. I started with the Black Pansies…

img_4915The merino + tussah blend just wanted to be lightweight, so that’s how I spun it.

img_5120And, you know, it took a while, but it sure was a nice spin!

I flirted with the idea of plying right away, but instead I pulled out my Very Fast Flyer — you know, the one I got for Christmas last year and have been slowly getting to know…

img_5121-1And I started whipping up my Stand of Trees. It’s dyed on a Finn base and it was such a fun shift from the sheen of the Black Pansies.  As predicted, this one went nice and fast.

Over the weekend I plied them both and then got them their spa day so that there would be no delay in when I could share them with you.

First, let me introduce you to Black Pansies.

skein2This skein is about 400yards of chain plied fingering weight loveliness.

close-upIt is a shocking burst of color for this time of year, but so well timed I think — at least for my eyes.

swirl2I’m not really sure what I will do with it yet so it’ll hang out with my other fibery goodies…

img_5258Which have taken up residence under my Christmas tree for the time being. As a side note, my family loves me very much and is very understanding — what’s happening under the tree is proof positive of that.

And Stand of Trees…

close-upIt’s understated. It’s subtle.

skein2It’s a whisper of rich, luscious color.

swirl-2It’s 340ish yards of a fingering weight yarn — also chain plied — and I’m thinking someday I will track down a mini skein for toes & heels and go ahead and work up some toe-up socks with this to use every last inch.

And now, 6 weeks later, I’ll start the project I originally intended to get going on when I pulled these open. I’m definitely not complaining though — with a detour this pretty, how could I?

15 thoughts on “The Prettiest Detours”

  1. OMG Stand of Trees is totally up my alley; those are all my favorite colors and your finished yarn is gorgeous. The pop of color from Black Pansies is a nice reminder that even though we’re heading into winter, spring is that much closer now too. I want to ditch all of my Thanksgiving & houseguest prep and just spin the day away now!

    1. I know, right?! I’m a blue fiend! I really appreciated Black Pansies through a lot of grey days, too. I hope you’ve snuck in a little time for spinning in between the work!

    1. THAT is also me just being too lazy to find new homes for the burgeoning lot there. I’ve been hiding kids’ Christmas gifts in my stash bins, so it’s been causing a stash-traffic-jam. I will have to move it before Santa comes!

  2. Stand of Trees is lush and just perfect for your love of all things blue! I love the Black Pansies, though – that shock of purple and gold/yellow together make me smile – YUM! I’m with salpal1, though – ROFL at the stash under the Christmas tree. Go, Momma!

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