Finishing & Beyond

The past week, I’ve been largely single-minded with just one word on my mind, “finish.” I’ve been feeling like I have a lot of little loose ends spread around me so I’ve been making a concerted effort to tie them all up with a pretty bow before Thanksgiving. The idea is that one more week of really putting my nose to the grindstone and the remainder of the year can be dedicated to enjoying time with my family and working on my own pet projects. This plan has involved everything from (finally) clearing out my gardens to figuring out how to make a little extra room in the basement for the workers who’ll be replacing our furnace next week (!!!) to writing up a couple guest posts I’ve promised to finishing up my beautiful handspun sweater. And oh so much more. One more week though, I’ve got this.

On the craft front, I’ve had a couple small projects that I can’t share at the moment as they are destined for guest posts for others, but beyond them my focus has been almost wholly on my handspun sweater.

img_5161And the focus has paid off as last night I started binding-off! I never bothered to count the number of stitches I picked up for the neckband, but I knew I had quite a few as the rows took some time. I got to within a couple inches of finishing altogether, but stopped in order to have a timely bedtime. I’ll wrap it up later today.

I do want to share that just as I splurged on an extra 24″ cord to go with my 16″ cord that I was already employing for work on the sleeves, I once again turned to Dyeabolical‘s Needles & Notions section of the for the neckband of this sweater. I’d previously thought I’d just make do with what I had, working off a smaller cord or try to piece some arrangement of needles and cords together. I was so impressed by the reasonable prices and quick shipping of my 24″ cord, though, that I went ahead and ordered a 60″ cord for the neckband from Dyeabolical. It was one of the best choices I’ve made in a knitting project in a long time. It really just made the whole process smooth and easy.

img_5162And along with my 60″ cord, Rachel slipped in this awesome little ruler! Isn’t it adorable? It’s perfect for checking gauge sporadically throughout projects and tucks into any project bag super easily. It’s such a great idea and was such a fun surprise!

So with my sweater end imminent, you might be wondering what comes next? When I finish the ‘to-do’ list and am left to my own devices? It probably won’t shock you to know I’ve got a few ideas.

I’m seriously considering pulling this beauty out from its long hibernation.

img_2473I think it’s about time this one went from WIP to FO, don’t you?

I’ve also pulled out the yarn for my next weaving project…

img_5163There’s a scarf in the future of these three lovelies.

And I might have pulled up a little fiber as I made a makeshift hiding spot for some Christmas gifts…

img_5164I’m not sure at what point I started counting 3lbs of fiber as “just a little,” but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to start thinking too hard about that.

In any case, 7 or 8 more days of finishing. Oh, I’ve got this. And then, oh and then, what lies beyond is anyone’s guess. Although I’m fairly certain it will involve some fiber, some yarn, and a good deal of writing, too. I can’t wait. Moose however…

img_5165Moose is already exhausted.

14 thoughts on “Finishing & Beyond”

  1. Can’t wait to see your finished sweater – I’m so excited for you! I got moved into the yarn cave this weekend and I’m as exhausted as Moose. MUCH organizing left to do! I’ll post pics on Ravelry when ‘finished’. YEA for progress for both of us!

  2. Ooooh, I can’t wait to see that beautiful sweater!!!!! And I hope you will post links to the guest posts, so we can see what else you have been working on. I am also working on some secret knitting, which I feel safe sharing on Ravelry as no one I am knitting for looks there. 🙂

    THREE POUNDS of fiber!!! Wow! I slowed down on spinning this weekend because of all the knitting that I mentioned above. Which is too bad as I am spinning some gorgeous blue/green/rose merino/cashmere… on my new (to me) jumbo flyer! But it seems that if you are knitting and weaving, you will need loads more yarn. And what better way to get it than to spin it?

    1. Me either! The sweater is drying!

      I’ll be sure to share links when I get them (sometimes I don’t always get notified when they go live, but I try to keep an eye out for them!).

      The 3lbs of fiber is bananas, I’ll admit that. Currently it’s sitting under my newly erected Christmas tree because I have no where else to put it. LOL! I had better get spinning!
      Woot woot for the jumbo flyer!!! Have fun with it!

  3. I love the Featherweight Sweater pattern. I’ve knitted it myself. How special to use your hand spun yarn. Good luck on getting all your projects to FO stage. Try not to work Moose so hard. 😉

    1. I’ve made it before, too, with commercial yarn. My daughter kind of permanently borrowed it. This one I made with long sleeves and a longer body. I really do love it!

      Oh, and I’ll try to make sure Moose gets enough nap time!

  4. I agree about the links to the guest posts…I would love to read them! I’d also like to expand my fiber-related blog reading list. Your sweater is going to be awesome.

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