Enjoying the Sunshine & Finding Peace

We had a beautiful weekend this past weekend. It was pushing 70°F both Saturday and Sunday and with rain a a cool down headed our way this week, it was the perfect time to clean up the yard. On Saturday, we worked. I cleaned out gutters while the kids raked leaves. I tend to rate cleaning gutters in the realm of dealing with toilet malfunctions on the disgusting meter, but slopping the leaves and general sludge is so much less awful when it’s warm & sunny out and the water from the hose doesn’t quite feel so cold.

img_5130And it helps that the daisies and echinacea and snapdragons are still blooming in my yard, too.

I rounded things out by starting to tidy up our “Boat House” (a fancy way of saying the shed where we store our boats [and the lawnmower, and other random odds and ends]). Since my hubby sometimes takes the kiddos out there to read and enjoy cocoa and the fire in the winter, I try to make sure it’s ready and comfortable for these events.

I’ll admit that after all the up and down on the ladder and having lifted the ladder all around the house, I was a little tired and sore. I managed to somehow pull something in my shoulder walking the dog earlier in the week and I think sometimes favoring an injury like that taxes your body more than the injury itself. I rested a bit and did some cleaning inside the house. And then I felt as though I’d sufficiently earned some time with my spindle.

img_5076This is a project I started about a year ago and largely ignored most of those twelve months. I’ve been picking it up here and there though and I had just an ounce or two left to tackle. And that’s just what I did. The spindle was seriously overloaded and not working all too well at the end, but I got the last little bits of fiber on it. I’m planning to wind it and the bobbin I wound off previously into a center-pull ball and then create a nice thick and thin 2-ply yarn with it.

Our work finished, on Sunday we played.

img_5079We started the day off with a beautiful hike. Oh, how I love the long shadows of this time of year!

img_5119And our hike ended at a playground for the kids. Mr. Knitting Sarah edited some photos he’d taken with his phone and I did some spindle spinning in the beautiful warmth of the sunshine. After about 30 minutes my husband turned to me and said, “Gah! I can feel myself getting sunburned!” And I knew it was time to head out.

We got home and had an early lunch. And then I did some spinning on my Three Waters Farm ‘Stand of Trees’ on Finn.

img_5121Oh how I love these blues! My husband’s been working some long hours lately so he was interested in a fair bit of relaxing. I took full advantage and spun my little heart out.

And when I started to get a little tired and my back got sore…

img_5125I switched over to knit a few stitches on my current sock WIP. The yarn is from last year’s String Theory Colorworks Sock Club and it was the perfect opportunity to play around with my new Knitter’s Pride 9″ circular needles. I really love my Nova Platina DPNs, so trying out the 9″ Nova Platina circs seemed like a logical step. I will write up a full report on those soon, I promise.

Monday morning I awoke and decided it was high time to pick my handspun Featherweight Cardigan up again…

img_5128I’m within about an inch of the ribbing on the sleeves and then just the neckband is left. I’m sure that once the stitches are picked up it will fly.

It was a peaceful, productive weekend followed by a peaceful and productive Monday. And today… while I know there is something very big happening out there in the big world (something that I attended to last week), today I hope we can enjoy more of the same. I hope we all have a peaceful and productive day.

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  1. Feeling like a slug after hearing all of your hard work! Actually, I worked a good bit too, getting ready for my “yarn cave” to be finished. Should be moving the clutter into the new room in a couple of weeks. I’ll be VERY thankful at Thanksgiving! The photography you post is always so nice and kudos on all of your projects.

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