A Tenacious Swoop

 I shared a sneak peek of my Swoop shawl on October 1st.

swoop-detAnd now, over a month later I finally have proper FO photos.

Before I share them, though, I should tell you a little about this project. I think the idea for this project was born almost a year ago when Rachel from Dyeabolical shared a picture on social media of a shawl she was knitting using two of her colorways, Lucy and Fuchsia So Bright. I have a lot of yarn (understatement of the century…) so these days I try really hard to not impulse buy more of it. This combination blew me away though — it was something about the cheeriness of the bright colors and how the two colorways played so well together. I ordered a skein of each in the Tenacious Sock base and went about looking for a pattern.

I had previously knitted Romi Hill’s Artesian in a Dyeabolical yarn, so Romi Hill came to mind and it’s within her pattern library that I found the pattern, Swoop. Two colors, about the right amount of yardage — yes indeed, this was it. I think I made the selection in maybe January… and then the project sat until September. Whoops! Alas, I got to it and it was a totally delightful, super fun knit. I loved everything about it. The squishy garter stitch, the little pops of lace — it was just a great project in both colors and design.

whole-shawlAnd the resulting finished shawl is just totally and completely fantastic.

laceworkI really, truly adore the color combination.

edgingI think the reverse stockinette i-cord bind-off is just divine. I kind of hated it at first, but now that it’s done I am completely smitten with the look and stretchy-ness of it.

onThe size is great, too. I believe I ended up shorting the shawl by one lace repeat just because I was running out of yarn. Would it be nice if it was bigger? Yes. Is it still a pretty fantastic size? Also, yes. It’s a really comfy & cozy size for sure. I’m also a pretty big fan of the fact that you can pretty much wear this shawl reversibly, a fact I discovered when I went to edit this photo and realized I had the wrong side facing out (*facepalm*).

All in all, I would highly recommend this pattern & yarn combination. It’s bright and vibrant and just a really fun knit. I think the best part is that I’ll have this big squishy, cozy vibrant shawl to chase the chill away this winter. It will be put to good use!

14 thoughts on “A Tenacious Swoop”

  1. Another fine modelling job – even learning to put the hand on hip! :):):) LOVE the FO – the colors AND the pattern. I keep saying I’m going to make this one… JUST DO IT!

    1. LOL! Every time I put my hand on my hip with my husband he’s like, “Don’t do that.” So I do it when my son takes the photos — LOL! It’s a fun pattern — go for it!

      1. I’m giggling because you guys remind me of my husband and me. I would put my hand on my hip just to make him crazy and then we’d laugh. The pattern is in the queue, but maybe about fifth in line! 🙂

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