7 thoughts on “Today on my wheel…”

    1. Aren’t they? Three Waters Farm does amazing things with color!

      The time it takes really depends on so much. In a ‘normal’ kind of schedule for me I would say a week if I’m focused on it. If, like right now, I’m splitting time between this spin, a spindle spin and knitting a sweater I’m really enthusiastic about, then we’re looking at more like 2-3 weeks. If, however, I find myself with a slow week at home, I could finish in 2 or 3 days. Lot o’ variables!

      1. I’ll have to check them out!
        Ah that’s interesting but also pretty amazing to think you could spin the yarn in a few days and have a jumper within a few months! From sheep to shweater

      2. Well, the current spin isn’t for a sweater — it’ll more likely be more in the shawl yardage area. From spinning to sweater takes me more like 6-months to a year start to finish if I’m (mostly) focused.

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