Birthday Batts

One of my 1+1+1 projects for this quarter was to spin up 3 mini art batts in time for my daughter’s birthday. She’s recently gotten into weaving and I thought it would be fun to encourage her to incorporate a little textured yarn in her her craft. Well, my daughter’s big day is tomorrow and I’ve got the batts done!

Three cheers for being on time!

You’ll remember, the batts looked like this…

delia-battsThree unique, yet similar textured art batts. I picked up one from Hello Purl at their booth at the WI Sheep & Wool Festival.  And then a week or so later I picked up two more when I stopped in at Lucky Rose Fibers — a Hello Purl stockist — while we were staying up with my parents.

When you open them…

batts-openBoom! Texture, color, and more texture!

As they were just 1oz each, they spun up very quickly.

img_4805This was my first spin post-Spinzilla, so it was amazing to do something a little more free-form.

And the finished skeins…


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

pink-pinkThe pink & lavender batt…

pink-skeinThis one is probably closest to my daughter’s favorite shades, soft and sweet.

And the pink & blue batt…

pink-and-blueI love that this one has a whole lot of POP between the blues & pinks.

pink-and-blue-skeisAnd I really like this with all its lumps and bumps.

And then, of course the pink & green batt…

pink-and-greenI’ll be honest, I thought I might hate this one. All the way through the spin and up to winding the skein. And then I kind of fell in love.

pink-and-green-skeinIt just snuck up on me and then shouted, “I’m so AWESOME!” It’s just so bold and unexpected and I really kind of like that.

Shall we peek at them together again?

all-threeAren’t they just so fun?

So there you go, three little textured skeins for a very fantastic little lady’s birthday. I hope she loves them and is able to weave some fun accepts in some upcoming projects. I cannot wait to see how she uses them!

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    1. I will! They were a little overshadowed by her other gifts, so I’m not sure when that will be. It’s not a bad thing — I think when your mom is me and you have SO MUCH yarn around, getting a few special skeins might not stand out — lol!

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